The legend of the Haze cannabis is eternally alive. Probably every ganja lover has heard about this stuff and there’s a reason for that. The Haze family is built by cannabis strains with an enormous THC content. Really, it’s hard to get something with higher THC on today’s marijuana market. That’s why Haze strains are so desired all around the world – they have remarkable influence on smoker’s psychic. This unique experience involves euphoric and uplifting effects, but at the same time smoker stays physically active. If you only have such will, you can verify the Haze legend on your own. On our site you can find the best varieties from this famous family. Just choose some of its members and see for yourself! 

Haze is not only one of the most popular, but also one of the oldest cannabis varieties from Sativa kind. It owns its creation to the Haze Brothers group. It was consisting of four creative men: Werner, Eddie, Neville and Sam (also known as Skunkman). Everything has started in California (Santa Cruz, to be exact) in the sixties – the Haze Brothers have made their first attempts then. It’s even more interesting considering the fact, that till the late 70’s they split up and that they’ve never sold their products under their name. At the same time Haze Brothers gave a birth to various cannabis hybrids, mixing numerous genetics from Colombia, South India, Mexico and Thailand. Crossing the different Sativa types was a milestone back then; thanks to such attitude the Haze strain has been developed. After the breakdown of The Haze Brothers various producers were selling different strains as Haze ones. They were posterity of an original strain. Since that time a perfect blend of Sativa genes has been improved even more. Nowadays the best strains related to Haze variety are so fast and easy to grow, that it’s hard to believe in.



How does the Haze strain look like? Most of its qualities is characteristic to Sativa plants. Haze grows quite thin and tall – it could gain height up to 180 cm. All it needs to flower is 10-12 weeks. If you prefer growing indoors than outdoors, you should totally try this one. Also, Haze is great for those breeders who are in love with a desert climate. The yields are satisfying, the aroma is incredible and really hard to describe (it’s located somewhere between spicy and herbal scents with lemony, earthy and sweet undertones). The most important thing about Haze is a THC level. In the most cases it’s close to 18%, while it could reach even 27%. What else could you possibly expect from your favorite cannabis?

First of all, Haze is producing cerebral, powerful high. Smoking it is a perfect way to clear your mind and feel some uplifting, creative stimulation. Secondly, it will help you stay focused and deal with some medical issues. Many people are using Haze to treat their illnesses. Happy high is a great way of relieving depression, stress and anxiety. If you suffer from some minor pains or aches, Haze will soon become your best friend, but you should be aware of one other thing: this strain won’t cure any serious, severe pains. Improving an appetite, calming nausea, relieving stress – that’s all you can get with Haze, but hey, it’s great enough! If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have won so many prizes for the best cannabis strain. Now: choose one of the relatives of this amazing strain and make a purchase as soon as it’s possible. In this special category you’ll find the best selection of Haze-related varieties on the whole cannabis market. Haze 20 Autoflowering, Ultra Lemon Haze, Arjans Haze Feminised, Purple Haze, Critical Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze Automatic, Haze XXL Autoflowering – all of these are just a fraction of what you can actually find there. Go green with Haze and feel the power of this legend!


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