Diesel cannabis strain is a hybrid which belongs to Sativa kind. This special marijuana variety is extremely popular among breeders and users. They tend to call it ‘quick and heavy tanquilizer’ because it provides characteristic, relieving effects. This quality makes it perfect for treating various medical issues. Did you know, that with Diesel’s help it takes only 2-3 hours to relax and calm down absolutely? Well, now you know, and what you’ll do about it it’s totally up to you. Please have in mind, that in this special category we have collected some of the best strains from Diesel family. These kings of the genre are just waiting for the asking. All you have to do is to choose one of them and try its power on your own!

Diesel varieties stand out from another strains because of their unique, pleasant flavour. It’s kind of lemony/grapefruit with a note of blueberry, but it smells a bit like diesel at the same time (which is an obvious reason of such a strange name for cannabis). If the jar is ground up, this special kind of marijuana has a smell of an unburnt diesel fuel. If it’s cracked, it’s aroma is more fresh and grapefruit, plus there are notes of sugary rice crispies present.

Plants of this hybrid are high and they give dark green, large, dense and tight buds with orange hairs. The yield is quite big and it goes up to sixty grams per one plant. What’s interesting, crystal cover the buds heavily. They end up shimmering in the sunlight like vampires from ‘The Twilight’ movie. The whole growth cycle of a Diesel plant lasts close to eight weeks. About the height: it easily qualifies to grow in cupboard and tents spaces and indoor it grows up to 0,5m. It is also great for cultivating outdoors or using guerrilla method. It’s important to stress out, that Diesel strain is remarkably resistant and it can survive under almost every conditions. 


diesel seeds

Think for a moment about the effects after smoking Diesel. This strain is great for medical use – it helps in dealing with anxiety, nausea, bodily aches and pains. Some of the smokers admit that they have noticed a stress reduction. Because the main effect after Diesel is pure relax, it can be used daytime without any worries. On the one hand it makes people chilled, but on the other hand it provides a 2-hour energy punch. You should also try Diesel if you’re in the middle of some creative process. High THC level could occur pretty helpful.

Diesel is a perfect balanced hybrid of Sativa and Indica. What’s really important, there are many crossed variants of it available – pure Diesel is only one simple strain among the others, including NYC Diesel, Red Diesel or Sour Diesel. Every each of them is based on a certain genetics and crossed with another marijuana strain. For example, Diesel is often mixed with Critical (let’s just mention Auto Biodiesel Mass) or with Blueberry (like Blue Diesel). Another interesting hybrid strains from Diesel family are: Diesel Automatic, Diesel Feminised, Sour Diesel Auto, White Diesel and many more. Just read the description boxes and pick the cross which you like the most!

If you’re in the mood for giving yourself a little present, don’t hesitate any longer. Diesel is a special kind of cannabis and it’s truly worth giving it a chance. To start this amazing experiment, look at the offer we have prepared for you and choose some seeds which you loved at first sight. Shopping on our site Skunk24.com is 100% safe – you have warranty that all of the products are authentic and high-quality. Provide yourself the greatest possible fuel and feel the power of Diesel strain!


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