Cannabis Cup

There’s absolutely no possibility that you’ve never heard about High Times Cannabis Cup contest. It’s the most famous marijuana trade show and festival, which was founded by editor and creator of the High Times magazine called Steven Hagger. He came to the Netherlands in order to interview an important founder of pioneer Dutch cannabis-trade firm. The High Times Cannabis Cup has been organized since 1988. It happens every year in Amsterdam, always in November; additionally, it’s present in some American states (where medicinal and/or recreational cannabis has been already legalized). 

About three decades of growing and expanding resulted in the fact, that Cannabis Cup is nowadays the most established and beloved event in a whole cannabis culture. It has earned the publicity’s trust – both the amateurs’ and the connoisseurs’. The main purpose of organizing the festival is to gain political legitimacy and to fight for expanding the human rights in that sensitive area. At High Times Cannabis Cup there are a couple of ways to celebrate marijuana – starting from competitions, through instructional seminars, product showcases and expositions, up till various concerts and celebrities’ appearances. This ganja festival is connecting declared breeders and smokers together – another words, it is building a strong network within a great marijuana community. Another important function of this particular event is to find innovative, unique strains and bring them into common use. If you’re looking for something special and pretty fresh, examine the winners of High Times Cannabis Cup contest. Are you wondering where to find them? You’re in a perfect place to start! In this exact category on our site we have collected some of the best rewarded varieties. We don’t want to exaggerate, but trying them at least once should by obligatory for everyone.

Cannabis Cup

At every Cannabis Cup there are numerous cannabis strains both presented and marked by the specialists. In a noble group of judges there is a place for connoisseurs from all around the world. Before voting on their front-runner they sample various kinds of marijuana. Then they all choose the best strain, the best counter and the best new launched product. The main award goes to an overall winner, but there are plenty of secondary categories, including the best imported hash, the best booth or the best glass. Simultaneously, a narrow group of VIP judges awards the best Indica, Sativa and hybrid cannabis strain. At High Times Cannabis Cup both new and old varieties are tried and tested. As you can imagine, the judges have to stand a huge dose of THC to survive such a party.

Cannabis Cup involves also expo, live music, seminars and more attractions for tourists. A great diversity effects in a great interest, that’s why in 2010 the festival came also to the USA. High Times magazine is organizing events in Seattle, Denver, Michigan and both Northern and Southern California. The rules of the contest are similar to Amsterdam’s ones. Rewarded strains are getting really popular – just look at the Skunk#1 history. The variety by Cultivator’s Choice won the main price in 1988 and it remains a best-selling classic till this day. What else should you try?

In this category you’ll find the iconic winners of High Times Cannabis Cup festival. There’s a wide spread of products, so we have prepared a little set of recommendation for you. To start with, let’s consider buying Sativa called Amnesia Lemon (2004 winner) or mostly Indica Blueberry (1st price in 2000). Another great propositions are Cheese Feminised, Euphoria, Delahaze, Black Jack or Green Poison. Also Super Lemon Haze, Jack 47 or White Widow Feminised have been broadly noticed because of High Times Cannabis Cup contest. Choose something we have already mentioned or pick up whatever you want from our category – you’ll be fully satisfied anyway. The best judges in the cannabis world couldn’t go wrong with their decisions!


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