K.O Kush

Bred by Heavyweight Seeds, K.O Kush is a blend of Killa Kush and Herijuana strains. This strain is a hybrid with a ratio of 50% indica and 50% sativa. It is very potent and, as its name suggests, can literally knock you out, so it is not a strain recommended for novice consumers. This strain is grown on his ranch by Mike Tyson, which, given the name, should come as no surprise.

K.O Kush flowers produce lavender and pink hairs that are so sticky that they can stick to the wall when pressed against it. The flower itself is various shades of green and is densely covered with trichomes. The plant itself takes 8 weeks of flowering to complete flowering.

K.O Kush can be grown indoors and outdoors in temperate climates. The smell of this strain is peppery and earthy, but you can also smell the characteristic aroma of Skunk strains.

The strain, which is grown by Mike Tyson himself, is currently only available in Oregon and Washington state. Marijuana stores sell 3.5g for $40. However, the high THC content of 22% is well worth the price.

K.O Kush produces effects characteristic of indica strains. Relaxation and drowsiness are effects that are good for patients with anxiety disorders, migraines, pain and insomnia. Patients often use this strain to treat eating disorders, as appetite is noticeably improved after consuming it. It is also a strain that produces positive results against the side effects of chemotherapy and HIV.

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