White Widow

As you sure know, marijuana business has quite long tradition. Till these days there were thousands of strains discovered, created, bred and… smoked. With such great range of products, we can still point out a one true queen. Her name is White Widow. We can’t be sure about her origins, but one thing we know for 100% is that she was born in the Netherlands and she’s a Dutch cannabis icon. There are many versions about how she was bred and the most common one is connected with Green House Seeds. If you’re looking for some incredible, unusual experience, you’re in the right place. We’ve created whole category dedicated to White Widow and its progeny. Let’s find out together what makes them so loved and desired all around the world! 

White Widow is a perfect blend of Brazilian Sativa landrace and a resin-have, South-Indian Indica genetics. Nothing said it was easy to accomplish - this hybrid is such well-balanced because of exhausting, multiannual process of selection and breeding trial (most of that happened in Kerala mountains). The experts estimate that White Widow was born in the 90’s. Since that date it has constantly expanded into a wider market. At first it was available in every Dutch coffee shop; now it has a place in every cannabis freak’s heart. About the name of this strain, it’s connected with its color and totally white crystal-coated buds. Unique genetics occurred to be a base for many other iconic hybrids, including White Russian, White Rhino and Blue Widow. While many growers prefer the original version, the others would rather choose some of its descendants. Anyway, we have to admit that original White Widow is extremely popular. Probably it has become such recognizable because of ‘Weeds’ TV series and because of numerous references in rap hit singles.

White Widow

White Widow has relatively short flowering time which lasts indoors around 60 days. It could be cultivated by the beginning breeders, of course with a little effort, but the results will make all of that up. The yields and the growth depend (mainly) on the two following factors: environment and variety. The plant will do well both in the northern European and in warmer climate, but the second solution would be a better option. What’s important, White Widow represents very balanced Sativa/Indica ratio (60 to 40) and holds the qualities of each one kind together. All plants are overlaid by white crystals while smelling amazingly; their scent is half lemony, half peppery. White Widow’s flavor is described as woody, earthy and pungent with some subtle undertones of fresh pie and citrus. 

Let’s talk about the effects. Smokers are reporting feelings similar to that provided by other Sativa dominant strains. Cognitive driven, cerebral, stellar high is combined here with happy, relaxing, unwinding experience and a fresh taste, which is kind of a recipe for being a successful cannabis strain. On the one hand, White Widow stimulates creativity, on the other hand – it eliminates stress and negative thoughts. It can be used as a medical treatment for depression, headaches, PTSD or insomnia. 

Wanna dance with the marijuana queen? If you’d like to spend some time with White Widow strain, you’re in a great position to do that. Look how simple it is: just look at our already selected list of strains and choose whatever you want from White Widow family. Make a purchase and enjoy your perfect parcel exactly how you want it! The best thing is, you can opt for any version you like, including autos (White Widow Autoflowering, White Widow XXL Autoflowering, White Widow Automatic), feminized seeds (White Widow Feminized) or hybrids (for example: White Widow X Big Bud). The range is wide but try to make a decision and choose your white-widowed dancing queen!


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