Short plants

As you probably know, not everyone can just grow marijuana however he or she wants. There are many problems standing in front of home breeders, including space and time limits. There could be many various reasons for hiding cultivating hobby from the world. Some of the growers don’t want 
neighbours or family to find out about their activity. Another ones just don’t have big flat or any outdoor space, not even a small garden. With limited space growing cannabis plants is much more difficult. This is the main reason why so many breeders are looking for strains which achieve relatively short height. Fortunately, on our site you’ll find a wide choice of such varieties. We can assure you that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase and the result which you’ll finally get. 

The strains we have found, selected and collected in this category will provide you everything you need. First of all, you’ll manage with your cultivation even with a little amount of space. No bigger apartment or huge house beneath the city is needed here. Instead of that, a few square meters in a living room or a teeny-tiny balcony will do to start your own cannabis cultivation. Buying seeds from this category, you can expect very short plants with a great qualities. Are you interested in such effect? Check out our propositions, read the description boxes and choose some seeds which were bred to grow as small-sized to satisfy you. If you’re still wondering if its a good idea, get familiar with opinions of other clients. They will convince you that there is no difference between smaller and bigger plants except their size.


Short plants

In our shop we present a great range of products which allow to safe a home space and stay discreet about your specific hobby. Most of our short plants are blends of indica, sativa and ruderalis genes. The size of their buds has nothing to do with a harvest, so if you want to grow some short plants in your living rome you can still look froward to the bountiful yields. You should consider such solution especially if you’re living in a block in a big city. It turns out that even if you don’t have appropriate and favorable conditions you can still cultivate a high-quality marijuana on your own.

If you decide to purchase such strain, you should remember about few more things. First of all, the seeds won’t guarantee a great result if you breed them abnormally. The final size of the plant depends on the way it was grown. Short plants needs the same (or even the better) care as regular plants. Don’t feel demotivated though; with a little effort you will get extremely impressive results even if you’re only a beginner. Don’t hesitate any longer - pick some seeds from this category and stay prepared for a short but great, green surprise!


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