High THC

We have an incredible wide choice of marijuana strains nowadays. If you consider making a purchase, you should think about effects which you would like to get. One part of cultivators expects specific taste or/and aroma, while another part prefers growing plants with high THC content. You’re probably asking yourself why is it so important factor, right? Well, you’re lucky you’ve found us. On our website, Skunk24.com, you’ll get all the answers that you are looking for. Read more to find out what THC is, and check out the seeds listed in this category to buy some of the best strains with high THC level. Affordable prices are guaranteed in here, so you can choose whatever you like!

Another name for THC is tetrahydrocannabinol. This is an important ingredient of cannabis seeds which is connected with the level of “high” that you’re going to get after smoking weed. That’s why both breeders and smokers are so interested about its content. According to that, the same active chemical is one of the oldest hallucinogens which were ever used on the planet Earth. The beginning of THC use is dated back to the 1st century. As you can see, its effects were proven light years ago. Within all of chemicals which are present in marijuana, the two with the greatest psychoactive qualities are THC and CBD. You shouldn’t be surprised that so many growers are crazy about seeds with high THC level.


High THC


Another thing is, THC has a great position in this business because of its medical properties. On the one hand such cannabis strains help smokers to get ‘high’, but on the other hand - they may also help with healing some medical issues. It’s been already proven that THC has a positive impact on our health. It relieves pains and aches, treat epilepsy and asthma and also may support some kind of psychiatric treatments. Consulting a doctor is still an obligatory step in every case mentioned, but marijuana with high THC content is an extra and tempting option though.

On our website you’re free to buy some high THC seeds from the best seedbanks on the market. High-quality strains will make you satisfied, more relaxed and healthier at the same time. Of course every strain is a little bit different, so you should probably try a few to choose what works the best for you. You should be aware of one more thing: your ‘high’ will depend not only on the seeds, but also on the way how you decide to grow them. Read all the requirements carefully, try to provide the best conditions for your plants and take care of them as much as you can. Nutrients, amount of light, temperature - everything is equally important in that matter. Having that in mind, you can expect perfect plans which have high THC content. Before you start to grow them, just browse our site, pick some interesting strains and make your purchase. We offer the regular, autoflowering and feminized strains as well, so every marijuana freak will find here exactly what he’s looking for!


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