Afghan is the special kind of cannabis strain and an original Indica bud. Afghan has been discovered in the Himalayas – the same mountain range where the earliest cannabis strains were born. From the same area laying between India, Afghanistan and Nepal came other famous varieties, including Kush. Afghan is the strain which helped in creating latter marijuana kinds – it occurred to be a crucial inspiration for many talented geneticists and breeders. The main reason of such interest were uncannily resinous buds of this plant. Afghan’s unique genetics turned out to be an ancestor of many cannabis children. Breeders have adapted it into Dutch breeding conditions and created seeds which are perfect for indoor cultivation method. Such Afghan cannabis strains are loved and desired by customers from all over the world with very particular reasons. There’s one important thing that you should be aware of – Pure Afghan strains are not so common product on the commercial cannabis market. Original Afghan genetics is a rare luxury reserved only for the true connoisseurs, but the pleasure of growing and smoking such cannabis is priceless.

What’s the matter with this whole Afghan boom? To start with, these strains have unique, delightful smell, which is a mix of spicy, earthy and sweet tones (it makes it a little bit similar to the scent of incense). Besides, Afghan varieties provide a thick, heavy smoke and a really strong experience for its users. Sometimes it’s kind of a soporific buzz, and sometimes it’s more like a deep but euphoric meditation (because of its high THC content). This is the reason why nobody should smoke Afghan before any important and demanding events, including exams or speeches. It is though strongly advised to try Afghan power in insomnia treatment. Many patients who had suffered from sleeplessness have seen a huge difference after this particular cannabis. Another medical issues which can be healed by Afghan strains are nervous and stressful states of mind. Stop thinking about your problems for a while and let it seduce you with its sedative power!



Afghan could be grown either indoors and outdoors, but in the second case it prefers Mediterranean climate (warmth, sun and a long sun are strongly required). This iconic strain is almost 100% Indica – the rate of Indica genes is always extremely high in here. That’s why the plants are quite compact and shorter than Sativas strains. During a short flowering time (5-65 days) it will gain relatively small height, but it will produce a satisfying yield. Afghan strains won’t be a great choice if you’re a beginner, but if you put enough effort in a plant care, you’ll receive a full potential in a reward. With Afghan it is possible to achieve huge buds, heavy yield and the best qualities that you’ve ever seen.

OK, so how does the Afghan plant actually look like? Its numerous buds are resinous, heavy and sticky. Their dark green colour contrasts with orange, long and bright pistils which are growing on them. True Afghan strains are resistant for diseases and hard climate conditions. The Afghan strain was extremely popular while 60’s and 70’s marijuana boom. Since that date nothing has changed – it is still a beloved strain of both breeders and smokers. Do you want to try this magic on your own? In this category we have collected the best Indica strains from Afghan family. You can choose from many different varieties, including Afghani #1, Afghan Skunk, Afghan Kush Rider, Auto Afghan Skunk and some further Afghan’s progeny, including Night Queen and Northern Lights. Start your own Afghan cultivation and find out what is it all about!


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