Every marijuana lover has heard about Original Blueberry at least once. It’s very popular strain from the Blue Family. Are you wondering where its special name came from? Well, on the one hand it’s connected with an incredible blue color, and on the other hand - with a lovely aroma. The last one reminds growers and smokers of berries’ taste and smell. Thanks for that and another fascinating qualities Blueberry is recognizable and desired all over the world. Original strain has its debut in the Netherlands back in 1988. There were many famous cannabis strains introduced on the Dutch market at the same time, including Blue Heaven, Blue Moonshine, Flo and Blue Velvet – all of them coming from the same Blue Family. Bred in the 70’s by a breeder called DJ Short and adopted by Dutch Passion company, now they’re easily available in every world’s corner. If you’d like to try out some Blueberry strains, just pick a variety from our special category and brace yourself for the best blue adventure in your life!

Blueberry has around 80% Indica genes and is only 20% Sativa. Most of Indica part is Afgani, while Sativa is Thai or Oaxacan. All members of Blue Family have this three main parental lines. Another thing that you should be aware of is the fact that Original Blueberry has won the most prestigious marijuana contest ever. It got the prizes for best Indica and for the best strain overall at High Times Cannabis Cup 2000. Blueberry’s success has repeated in 2001 – it took the 2nd place in overall Cup and the 3rd one in the Indica category. Speaking of awards, Blueberry is quite a regular champion. It has numerous 1st and 2nd prizes got at mini-Cups events (by Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture). Blueberry, as much as its relatives, is described as very strong cannabis with a high THC level (up to 19,5%). At the same time smokers feel more euphoric or relaxed than wrecked.



Have you ever seen a Blueberry plant? Its structure looks like typical Indica plant – it’s rather medium height, it has many branches and wide, dark-colored leaves and stems. Blueberry strain is resistant and it grows bushy and full under the various circumstances and in different climate conditions. Cultivating outdoors, the plants need organic fertilizers to grow properly. Only with such method they will retain nuanced flavors and represent the best quality that you can possibly achieve. Everything is worth the sin here: starting from Blueberry’s fruity aroma and taste and ending with long-lasting, relaxing buzz experience. In addition, this smoke will make you happy instead of sleepy. Wanna forget about your everyday problems and leave your stressful duties behind you? Blueberry is the answear!

If you’d like to try out Blueberry or some strains derived from it, just take a look around. In this category on you’ll find the best representatives of Blueberry family in very affordable prices. Do you want to start your journey but you don’t know with which variety? Here we’ve got some recommendations. Blueberry Original is a must-have, but you can also try some feminized or autoflowering strains (like Auto Blueberry). As it comes to hybrids, bes-selling versions are: Blue Cheese (and Blue Cheese Feminised/ Blue Cheese Autoflowering), Royal Bluematic and Auto Blue Diesel. Crimea Blue is worth your attention too. Seeds we’re selling were tried and tested by homebred seedbanks and by our crew, so you don’t have to worry about their quality at all. Choose whatever you like and make a purchase even today. Even the most demanding grower will be enchanted with this blue magic!


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