Indica/Sativa are cannabis strains connecting everything which is the best in Indica and Sativa varieties. You probably know that most of marijuana seeds are mixed hybrids of different strains and that is totally true – nevertheless we call them either Sativas or Indicas anyway. The main rule is to check the percentage proportion between these two types in a single strain. If it’s 10% to 90% or even 30% to 70%, we tend to choose one side and call such variety “mostly Sativa” or “mostly Indica”. If the genes are more balanced and a percentage range is closer to 50/50, we treat such strains as hybrids. Are you wondering where to find the best seeds from this category? Well, you’re in a perfect place to start the best shopping spree in your life! On this exact site you’ll find selected Indica/Sativa strains. Even the most demanding breeders will be satisfied by their qualities, that’s for sure!

Have you ever asked yourself what is an actual difference between those two types: Sativas and Indicas? To start with, both scientifically and legally there is none. Every marijuana plant, no matter what genes has, is classified as a member of Cannabis sativa L. family. But this is only a limited point of view – in practice there is a strong difference between Indica/Sativa kinds, which is visible especially for breeders. The main distinction is connected with an ability to evolve and survive in very different environments. For example, cannabis Sativas come from Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, etc. On the other hand, Indicas originate in Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, India and so on. Mixing these two types together by the genius breeders resulted in hybrids’ inception. Indica/Sativa strains are much more resistant and variable. Not giving them any chance would be really weird decision…



About the morphology and appearance, there are huge differences too. Sativas are tall and they produce large buds all around the plant. They don’t have very striking odour and they are lighter while being dry. Indicas are totally different – they have dense, heavy and fragnant buds, they produce many nodes and they are more compact and stocky than Sativa ones. They also grow visibly faster - their flowering time is about 30 days shorter than Sativas (in order: 45-60 days and 60-90 days). On the other hand, Sativas need shorter term of vegetative growth, so the overall time seems really similar. Indica plants increase their height maybe around 50-100%; Sativas grow 200-300% higher in comparison to a vegetative term. What should you expect while choosing Indica/Sativa hybrids then? Well, you’ll get all the best – quick flowering time, an impressive growth and priceless easiness of breeding (which is great for the beginners).

Do you want to try out Indica/Sativa power but you don’t know where to start? Here we have some propositions for you. Consider buying Cheese (or some variations, like Exodus Cheese Feminised or Kush-N-Cheese), Blue Hash, Cream Mandarine or Bubblegummer. You can also give a chance another best-sellers, including Purple or Purple Maroc, or choose some really special strains called Royal AK and Fruit Spirit. Whatever you decide, you’ll be satisfied with your choice. All of mentioned varieties are listed in this category, where you can also find many other marijuana strains. We’ve done the job for you – we’ve searched the cannabis market, chosen the best possible qualities and put such Indica/Sativa strains into the one coherent place. Let’s treat yourself right and try the perfect combination of an Indica stone and a Sativa high. Remember that hybrid strains are great for medicinal use too!


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