Cheese is probably the most famous cannabis strain in the whole United Kingdom. It became such king in the nineties. To put is straight, it’s the same important for the UK as the strain called OG Kush is to California. At the same time, Cheese is recognizable not only in Europe but also in the United States, because breeders have created its various hybrids. You’ve probably heard about Cheesewreck, Dairy Queen, Chiesel or Blue Cheese, right? Well, all of these varieties are members of royal (and cheesy) family. As it comes to the original strain itself, it has rare, special taste and characteristic scent. Its aroma is typical for an aged, palatable cheese. That’s why this particular cannabis kind owe the name to the food. You should know that it has a taste different than cheesy; it’s more earthy and pleasant. Such flavor will stay with you for many sensual hours.

Why is Cheese often called ‘the best strain ever’? Well, it’s the result of many different and co-operating factors, but the main reason is connected with its unique genetics. Cheese is a hybrid and a descendant of iconic Skunk #1 strain. It’s mostly Indica, so its structure is similar to the other Indica types. Growing it outdoors, you should brace yourself for inconvenient questions - your neighbours will probably recognize this 2,5-meter-tall plant sooner or later. Cultivating indoors, Cheese strains gain up to 1,5 m in most of the times, but in such case you’ll need a carbon filter to control their intensive smell. With a little effort, after 8 weeks of flowering you’ll gain more than satisfying yield. If you harvest as soon as its possible, you’ll get very strong flavor, but if you wait two more weeks, you’ll end up with stronger smoke. 



Let’s think about the effects for a moment. Smokers claim that they feel relaxed and happy after Cheese; they often notice some sedative experience at the same time. Nevertheless, full body high with waves of melting relaxation is guaranteed in here. Remember that it’s not one of cerebral high though, so it’s not a great option to smoke Cheese during the daytime. Because of high THC content (which is around 18-20%) you can count on the strong and long-lasting effects, and because of Indica domination you can expect a hard and fast hit of high. Cheese is also used for treating some common medical issues. This strain is highly recommended to those who suffer from ADHD, PTSD or anxiety. It’s great in healing pains, migraines and headaches too. Do you want to deal with your insomnia issues? Let’s try out Cheese – it won’t hurt you, but it may occur really helpful instead. Believe it or not, another great reason to start your own cultivation is the harmful lack of appetite.

Now you understand the main reasons of Cheese’s popularity. Besides, it has won the Cannabis Cup award, which is quite an impressive achievement in a marijuana business. All you have to do to treat yourself right is to invest in one of the members from Cheesy Family. Make yourself a little gift and breed your own marijuana! Having many relaxing evenings in perspective, your decision shouldn’t be complicated at all. We’ve already selected and tried the best cheesy strains form various seedbanks. The winners are put together in this special category. What do you want to try first? Would it be Blue Cheese or Exodus Cheese? Or do you prefer something autoflowering, like Cheese Autoflowering, Royal Cheese Automatic, Sweet Cheese Auto? We also have some feminized strains in the offer, including very popular Exodus Cheese Feminized. Pick your favorite option and make a purchase even right now!


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