White Skunk

By combining two extremely popular strains and bringing out all their best qualities, Sensi Seeds has created the White Skunk mariuhana strain, a hybrid of White Widow and Super Skunk. This indica-dominant strain gives users a balance of good taste and effect.

The THC concentration of White Skunk is moderately high, hovering around 18-22 percent. This is an ideal strain for users who like the feeling of relaxation, but don't want a lethargic feeling. The nose is hit by its pungent, sour and skunky aroma, and there is a distinct orange flavor when exhaling the smoke.

Users appreciate White Skunk for the feeling of relaxation and the impact on the head that can be felt throughout, while providing a boost of positive energy and creativity. Some consumers say that introspection comes easily to them after using this strain.

Patients appreciate this strain for helping them combat symptoms of mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, stress or mild anxiety. Its ability to soothe makes it ideal for dealing with these conditions. It is also great for treating nausea and increasing appetite. Its calming properties make it often used to deal with mild chronic pain, headaches and muscle aches.

It is recommended that novice users start with small doses for maximum pleasure and minimal side effects.

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