Cheap Seeds

High quality comes with a higher price. One of the oldest rules that can be applied to the world of sales. Usually, one cannot argue with that, but in the ganja seeds market lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality. There are many cheaper seeds that will grow you plant worthy of your time and effort. In this category you will find many strains that are very reasonably priced, so your hobby won’t cost you a great deal.

The usual price range for feminized marihuana seeds is 2 to 10 GBP per seed. In our Cheap Seeds category we have collected strains that will cost you 4 GBP for one seed, not even a penny more. This is the place for you, if you do not want to spent much of your money and still want to get high quality seeds. Let us show what exactly we have in store for you.

In this category you will find feminized seeds of Sensi Skunk, White Skunk, and Sensi Skunk Automatic. These strains are some of the most popular out there, and are used by numerous growers. Short flowering period, not much effort needed, great taste, low price. The whole package is here. 

Another popular ganja strain is AK-47, known for its fantastic aroma. With the autoflowering version available, you won’t have to spend much time and effort on growing the plant to receive the same effects as from the regular one. If you will add the reasonable pricing to those features, you will no longer wonder why it is so widely used by growers all around the globe.

Cheap Seeds

Afghan Skunk Auto is yet another marihuana strain that you should keep your eye on if you do not want to spend too much. Afghan Skunk Auto is also famous for its relaxing properties, so if relaxation is what you are looking for, this is just another reason this strain might be something for you. Queen 1, classic version of Skunk, has very similar features to Afghan Skunk Auto, but growing it doesn’t require that much of experience. 

If reasonably priced positive highs are things that you need the most from your Green Leaf, Special Kush 1 and Outlaw are strains just for you. They are very easy to grow, and the high you will get from their consumption is simply said wonderful. With low price added to that list, what more can you possibly ask for?

There are also some fine seeds in this category for those of you who want your marihuana to give you a trippy, almost narcotic high. Super Bud, known for appetite stimulation, and The Doctor, known for its pain reducing properties, are only some of the stronger strains that you will find here. It is worth noting that these two are used as medical marihuana and are by people who suffer from insomnia. And if you are looking for something to aid you in let’s say, social situations, The Church strain is worth checking.


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