Pure Sativa

Pure Sativa is a name of a kind of cannabis strains which originated in South America, Asia and Africa (to be strict, such genetics came from Mexico, Columbia, Thailand and so on). These plants are effuse and quite high, plus they are incredible resistant for tropical conditions. They can survive through the wet and warm terms, which result in a little bit longer flowering time and in their fluffy flowers. Sativa plants are dealing great with humidity – they’re not pindling nor susceptible at all. If you’d like to give them a chance in your own green garden, you’re in a perfect place to start. In this special category we have put some cannabis hybrids which present appropriate proportions. You’ll find here some mixes of Cannabis Sativa and Indica (or Russian Ruderalis), but the Sativa part always reaches minimum 70 percent (and it is often 90% or higher). The huge, key proportion of Sativa genes is a main requirement on our site.

If you’re looking for some marijuana which will affects your mind strongly – well, you have just found the green king of great effects. Primarily, pure Sativa plants are skinny and tall. While more narrow than other varieties, they’re also having a lighter colour and slender-bladed leaves. Spiral formation which goes all around the branches is one thing, and extraordinary, unique effects after use is something another. Pure Sativa strains guarantee euphoric, mostly uplifting experience. You have to be aware of the fact, that such genetics comes from tropical climate. That’s why flowering time is visibly longer, but it’s not an obstacle for enamored breeders. Pure Sativas are loved both by growers and users. Maybe harvest is lighter than Indica’s one, but they provide a strong energy and a cerebral, clear high. If you’d like to have both – uplifting effects and a higher yield – you can always choose Indica/Sativa hybrids which combine the best advantages of these two cannabis kinds. But before you do that, let’s give Pure Sativas a chance which they deserve!


Pure Sativa

Grown outside, pure Sativa plants are gaining even 20 feet height. The plants need from ten to sixteen weeks to become fully mature; their vegetation time is also relatively longer (than in Indicas case). In result you can expect yield from 3 ounces to 1 pound per one plant. Another difference is a lower (12-16%) THC content. Pure Sativa plants are though perfect-smelling; they have this amazing, sweet’n’pepper fragrance which could be not mistaken with any other smell. There are also some Pure Sativa varieties which have more earthy or fruity scent. Such subtle differences are often called ‘terpene profile’ – it marks out the distinctions between single cannabis strains. The most talented marijuana experts can recognize the type of Pure Sativa only because of the scent which is floating around. 

OK, now you know close to everything about Pure Sativas’ main qualities. Are you looking for the best strains from this special kind? Here we have some Sativa recommendations for you! Making a purchase, consider buying Wild Thailand, Mekong High or Kali Mist. Desfran, Dr Grinspoon and Chocolope are also a great choice. Between other best-sellers we have Jack Herer, Cherry AK, Green Crack, Trainwreck and J-1. As you see, there are many strains to choose from. Just look at all varieties listed in this category and choose the ones that you liked the most. There’s no place for mistakes here – all of our genetics will provide you a strong satisfaction.
Feel the green power of Pure Sativa and free your mind with the best cannabis strains available on the market!


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