Beginners Strains

Many of you probably think that growing marihuana is as easy as pie, but, sadly, that is not true. If you only began your journey with the Green Leaf, we have something that will definitely make it easier: a wide variety of beginners strains. We’ve spent some time on finding easy to grow cannabis seeds, resistant to the most common gardening mistakes, and needing not much of an effort during the whole flowering process. What may also be important for you is the price. Well then, you are in the right place. Our beginners seeds are very affordable, so being low on money won’t stop you from following your plans. We can assure you that if you buy something from the special offer of ours, you won’t regret it. Strains from this category are also good for growers who want to try a new gardening set-up. If you want to grow yourself some ganja but at the same time don’t want to spend hours on taking care of the plant, beginners strains are something you should look into!

There is one more important thing you should know: beginners strains are not based on any worse or not so potent genetics, they are just bred specially to be less troublesome for the beginners. Breeders across the world are familiar with mistakes that can be made, and are set on creating strains resistant to them. 

The White Widow XXL is something you should definitely try out. This is an Indica dominant, autoflowering strain that is the result of crossbreeding between the White Widow elite clone and the White Widow Auto. Simply said, this is a third generation hybrid with additional therapeutic features. Another Indica dominant feminized strain that you should keep your eye on is Critical+ 2.0. This strain created in the process of crossing the basic Critical+ with a phenotype that would make it more resistant to moisture. If you are on the hunt for something that will produce you considerable amounts of strongly resinous buds, Moby Dick XXL Auto is precisely what you need. This feminized strain’s ‘parents’ are Haze XXL Auto and White Widow XXL Auto. Moby Dick XXL Auto is famous for its potency and balance.

Beginners Strains

But what if you are looking for some more Sativa dominant strains? Search no more, we got what you need. You might want to try out the Pure Power Plant feminized strain due to its fast flowering process. Sativa dominant cannabis produces big amounts of very thick, rich in trichomes buds. This strain will also give you a high to remember due to the strong Sativa presence. the Pure Power Plant is easy to grow, which makes it a perfect choice for a person who is just at the beginning of his cannabis growing experience. If you have a taste for the classics, Skunk XL is definitely for you. This strain’s genetics were the base for almost every marihuana strain available today. This 50% Indica and 50% Sativa mix is the result of the crossing between Mexican, Colombian, and Afghan strains. Amnesia XXL Auto (a crossbreed of Original Amnesia Auto and Original Amnesia) and Purple Bud Feminized (an Afghani strain that produces considerable amounts of buds) are another Sativa strains worth mentioning and trying out. 

These are only some of the beginners strains available on our website. You will find many more, like the one and only Sweet Tooth Auto or the famous Pasion #1, in our catalogue. No matter which one you will decide to get, we can guarantee that you will be pleased.


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