Every breeder and smoker has heard about Skunk at least once in his marijuana lifetime. Nowadays this word is often misused and overused. Many people think, that ‘skunk’ means ‘cannabis’ overall, but it wasn’t always like this. Essentially, Skunk is an independent marijuana strain which was created during the seventies. This high-quality variety is connoted with satisfying yields and unique high effects. It’s also pretty resistant and forgiving as it comes to hard conditions and beginners’ mistakes. If you have just started you adventure with cultivating weed, Skunk is a great option. It’s good to grow both indoors and outdoors and in special greenhouses as well. The perfect combination of qualities makes this strain some kind of a benchmark for other cannabis varieties. 

In the United Kingdom and in some other countries you can often hear young breeders as they call their own marijuana ‘skunk’. Though its popular, it undermines the original genetic origin of this unique variety. The brand which finally took some steps to protect valuable heritage of the Skunk is the Dutch Passion, one of the leaders on today’s cannabis market. This seedbank has trademarked the cult classic strain as original Skunk #1. After that, good seedbanks drew their conclusions and made the same move. True Skunk strains should be always named and marked as such – unfortunately, in many companies this is not the case. Buying this strain, you should be extremely careful. Remember to check out twice what you’re paying for, otherwise you’ll end with some home-made, low-quality, poor substitute. If you want to make your purchase from reliable source, you’re lucky you found us. We have already selected authentic Skunk strains and collected them in this special, original category. Stay calm, there’s no need to worry – we’ve done the job for you. Just read the description boxes carefully and buy whatever variety you like. 


It’s important for you to know, that Skunk has absolutely changed the way of perceiving cannabis. 25 years have passed and this particular strain still has its devoted, loyal fans. The prime hybrid called Skunk was made by mixing cultivars from Thailand, Afghanistan, Central America and South America. Through the endless process of selecting, breeding and testing, the cultivators finally get classic Skunk #1 strain – mostly Indica variety with an important note of Sativa qualities. Such an remarkable mix has later influenced hundreds of modern hybrid cannabis strains. 

Skunk is noted for bountiful yields and for giving a huge punch of energy to the smokers among the others. Flowering process and a height are typical for mostly-Indica cannabis strains, but the plants are a little bit higher. Their leaves have this characteristic, dark green colour inherited from Skunk’s Afghan ancestors, but the tips are in bright lime-green. The potency and the effects are more Sativa-like; they are often described as a high and stone mix experienced at the same time.

Do you want to try an original Skunk, not any week, home-made, fake substitutes? Skunk #1 is a number one choice, but you also have some other possibilities. Here on our site we have selected the best varieties from Skunk family and put them into that list. Let’s consider buying some hybrids derived from Skunk genetics, for example Auto Skunk Mass, Auto Afghan Skunk, Super Skunk Automatic, Sensi Skunk Automatic, Sweet Skunk Automatic, White Skunk Feminised or Early Skunk Feminised. These and other options are easy to find in special Skunk category, connecting the products from various seedbanks. Choose whatever you want – you will be satisfied anyway. Make yourself a little, green present and try this legendary power on your own!


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