Northern Lights

Probably every weed lover has heard about Northern Lights at least once. This famous cannabis strain was obtained by mixing Afghani landraces with indigenous Thai varieties. Such method resulted in creating pure Indica strain which is popular all around the world because of its fast flowering time, remarkable resilience and inimitable resinous buds. If you’d like to see some proofs, just look at all the prizes won by Northern Lights during the years (for example at High Times Cannabis Cup reward). Don’t forget that the same strain is an ancestor of another famous varieties, including Sour Diesel, Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. At first Northern Lights has been recognized only within the Dutch area, but after 1985 - thanks to Sensi Seeds - it was also propagated outside this particular region.

Northern Lights is one of the three most influential varieties that have been ever bred. Another two are called Skunk#1 and Haze. All of them have changed the whole cannabis culture; their contribution to its development just can’t be overestimated. Every grower, breeder and smoker will for sure agree with that, because everybody has (or at least had) some experience with strains from Northern Lights family. This great variety has set a high standard to Indicas back in the 80’s and another strains are still compared to it. In short, Northern Lights is a marijuana living legend. It’s equally loved by both amateurs and connoisseurs. It’s important to stress, that it has absolutely dominated harvest festivals and contests. Winning cup after cup and reward after reward, for years it has been blocking other contestants from getting a title. Big yields, easy cultivation, not-disturbing odour, great qualities – it’s really hard to beat such a great combination, isn’t it?


Northern Lights

How does a Northern Lights’ plant look like? First of all, its buds are coated with crystal and they are frequently purple. Secondly, it’s dense, compact and fast-flowering. Even as a beginning cultivator, you can expect generous crops without a great effort. What’s interesting, frosted buds are producing an intense, honey-like aroma; moreover, dried or smoked Northern Lights provides also some noticeable earthy Afgani and juniper undertones. The flavor is sweet, earthy and spicy at the same time. If you wonder about the potential effects, they are mostly psychoactive. Northern Lights is both relaxing muscles and pacifying smoker’s mind. Uplifting, happy, even euphoric experience is guaranteed here, but it is not everything. This exceptional strain is also used as an unconventional medical treatment. If you suffer from long-term stress, depression, insomnia, some pains or constant headaches, you should get interested with its medicinal qualities. 

Now, as you know the most important facts about Northern Lights, you probably want to try this legend on your own. Are you wondering what to buy in the first place? Well, is probably a best place to start your ganja shopping-spree. We have prepared a special ‘Northern Lights’ category with the best selection of strains from different seedbanks. No matter if you’re looking for an original variety or its progeny, you’ll find exactly what you need. Don’t worry about quality or a price – we are absolutely unbeatable for that matter. Look at the photos, read some descriptions and just pick whatever you like. Northern Lights Feminised, Norther Lights Automatic or maybe some hybrid version, for example Northern Light #5 X Haze Feminised? The choice is yours. Make it ASAP and enjoy your purchase!


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