Mostly Indica

Indica and Sativa are two main types of cannabis. Both of them are extremely popular within community of smokers, because they provide completely different effects. Kind of experience isn’t the only difference though; their appearance and qualities are diversified as well. The fact is, many breeders prefer one type than the other because of some individual reasons. On our website you’ll find both Indica and Sativa cannabis strains, so you can choose whatever you like more. As it comes to mostly Indica varieties, they have high percentage of Indica genetics (around 70%) and they represent the highest quality possible. We sell only tried and tested bestsellers, so you don’t have to worry about anything while making a purchase.

Marijuana growers love mostly Indica varieties because of various reasons. For example, they are much easier to cultivate than Sativa ones, at least it seems to be like that. Another advantage of Indicas is their origin and resistance for harsh climate and unfavorable conditions. Mostly Indica strains will be also more forgiving if it comes to the inexperienced breeders’ mistakes. That’s why such types are recommended for the beginners. Indica plants can be easily grown indoors, inside your home or flat. They are quite short, especially in comparison to Sativas, so you can cultivate them in even in your living room; in addition they flower really quickly. Growing pure or mostly Indicas you don’t have to worry about the results and you save both your home space and time. Plants which grow from Indica seeds have not only large, but also pretty dense buds. This type of cannabis is really appreciated by breeders. They guarantee swift, big and satisfying harvest, so smokers don’t have to wait too long to try out their beloved ganja.


Mostly Indica

There’s one more thing you should be aware of and it’s about the effects on the smokers. Indica strains are well-known for their high CBD level. While Sativas have a great THC to CBD ratio, Indicas are the exact opposite. If you smoke them you’ll experience heavy and narcotic felling, which is kind of relaxing at the same time. This calming effect is something which Indica fans admire the most, especially if they compare it with stimulating feeling after Sativas.

Of course a high CBD content is also the reason why mostly Indica strains are widely used as a medical treatment. Such cannabis varieties make most smokers relaxed, sedated and sleepy. Doctors prescribe it for people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, chronic pains, seizures, migraines and headaches. It’s recommended to use Indicas in the evening. They won’t ruin your day then but they still will provide you a stress relief and they’ll calm down your mind and your body.

Now as you known the power of mostly Indica seeds, you’re probably dying to have one of those. Luckily for you, you’re in a perfect place to purchase them! On you can choose from a wide range of Indicas created by various seed banks. Whatever you decide, you’ll be fully satisfied not only with your parcel, but also with your harvest and the effects.


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