Barney’s Farm

Barney’s Farm is a well-known marijuana producer and a seedbank company. It was found by Derry – the passionate man who had settled in the highest mountains in the world to create the best possible cannabis strains. Only in Himalayan area Derry could take full advantage from his foregoing cultivating experience. The future founder of Barney’s Farm was not only a great breeder, buy also a devoted traveler. While he was traveling around the East in the eighties, he managed to collect various unique land-race cannabis seeds. Then he started to create his own strains by mixing diversified genetics and phenotypes. In his impressive collection there was a place for strains from Thailand, India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma and Vietnam. With a help of his associates and friends, Derry had created the brand which is now pretty famous in every corner of the world.

Before he did that, he had returned to Amsterdam with his big plans and dreams. Barney’s Farm seedbank was founded exactly in 1986, but it took 5 more years to open the sale of seeds. The company was receiving positive feedback from the very beginning; after all, hard work of breeders and their innovative ideas resulted in a great publicity. Barney’s Farm made a way from a teeny-tiny initiative to one of the best seedbanks on the cannabis market. What was the reason of such promotion? Probably the unique, Himalayan genetics and the great career of a Sweet Tooth strain.


Barney’s Farm

The company was constantly growing and Derry finally opened his famous Barney’s Farm coffee shop. It is a perfect place for every cannabis lover with a possibility to try premium marijuana varieties. Years go by, Barney’s Farm was gaining the leader’s position in production of feminized cannabis strains. The main goal of the company’s workers is to always come to some inspirational, innovative solutions. They don’t want to rest on their laurels – they are focused on pushing their business further. Providing the best genetics for affordable prices and making their customers loyal and happy – this is the Barney’s Farm philosophy in a nutshell. That’s why associates have been constantly doing their research since the early eighties. Nowadays the seedbank is focused on improving their feminized seeds, but there also some regular and autoflowering strains in their offer. Every each of them is special and one of its kind. The best-selling products are indoor and feminized varieties (such strains are favorite choice of the beginners – they are easy to grow and they help in saving time and space).

Well, now you probably dying to try this legend on your own. Do you want to purchase some of these iconic seeds but you don’t know which products by Barney’s Farm are the best? We have selected only the greatest strains from their offer and collected them in this special category. All you have to do is choose whatever you like and wait for your green parcel. The legends which are numerously rewarded best-sellers are for example Critical Kush, LSD and Pineapple Chunk. Another strains which are obligatory to try Amnesia Lemon, Utopia Haze, G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Tangerine Dream or Acapulco Gold. One more thing you should know is that Barney’s Farm is one of the most honored seedbanks during the Cannabis Cup contest. The most experienced judges in the world just can’t be wrong. Choose some seeds mentioned above or something else that seems interesting to you and is included in this category. Open yourself for entirely new experience and feel the green power of Barney’s Farm products!


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