Soma Seeds

The founder and owner of Soma Seeds is a 67-years old Rastafarian called Soma. He has started to smoke weed back in 1967, when he was a young, successful clerk working in The New York. The same moment he has tried marijuana for the first time his life has absolutely changed. Soma left his job at IBM corporation and he devoted himself to enjoying, breeding and popularizing cannabis. The company he has started became extremely famous all around the world. Every marijuana lover has heard about Soma and his organic, natural methods of seeds’ production at least once. Soma Seeds provides its customers truly great, unique genetics. Including their most popular products there are such classics as Amnesia Haze and Somango. Do you want to give these products a chance? Here on you can buy the by seeds by Soma’s company. All you have to do is to pick one of them and make a purchase. Make a small gift for yourself and try the magic of Soma’s Sacred Seeds!

Soma Seeds’ residence is located in Amsterdam which is both the heart of Netherlands and the center of ganja world. Soma is focused on producing medical cannabis. He fell in love with calming effects of marijuana since the first trial back in IBM times. He recollects this exact moment till today: he remembers walking down the street after work and smoking his first joint ever. He was only 18-years-old and all future was ahead of him. He decided to left his firm job and change the way he was dressing, acting and thinking. Nowadays, after close to 50 years since that moment, Soma still claims, that marijuana is the most positive thing which have ever occurred in his life.

Nowadays Soma is one of the most respected authority within organic cannabis business with a great influence on the world of marijuana. He devoted himself to build an eco-friendly company. He has a number of thematic publications and books on his account, in which he writes about the art of caring about houseplants. The founder and owner of Soma Seeds is a declared fan and lover of the cannabis, but above all of that his products speak for themselves. Years and years of cultivating marijuana, testing multiple options and creating the organic method provided his customers the best possible seeds. They are biologically friendly and ecological and they represent the highest quality at the same time. The main Soma’s goal is to make our planet greener. If you respect his job and share such attitude, just give his seeds a chance and start cultivating cannabis at your place!

Soma seeds

It’s important to mention that Soma’s seeds have achieved an international fame because of multiple important awards. Reclining Budda strain has got the third place at High Times Cannabis Cup between another great Indicas in 1999. Another award-winning variety is NYC Diesel, which has won a second place between Sativas at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001, 2003 and 2004. Amnesia Haze has got the first reward in the same category both in 2004 and 2012 edition. Another winners by Soma Seeds are Somari, Buddha’s Sister and many more.

Are you interested in trying Soma Seeds by yourself? Great for you! To fully appreciate an impressive work of Soma’s life, let’s test out some of his classics. There is absolutely no doubt, that the most iconic products by his brand are Somango and Amnesia Haze, but it’s just the beginning of a much longer list. Another seeds which are in ‘must-have’ category are Buddha’s Sister and NYC Diesel – both were rewarded during the Cannabis Cup contest. If you’re looking for some extraordinary effects, let’s purchase SoGouda – it will provide you a great relax as well. In Soma Seeds’ offer you’ll find many award-winning seeds with an incredible flavor. Just choose whatever you like from this special category on our site and we guarantee that you’ll be amazed. Make our planet greener with organic, earth-friendly Soma Seeds’ products!

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