From all the seedbanks in the world, Nirvana is one of the most experienced ones out there. Its history began in the 80’s, when its founder began to increase his knowledge on the topic of ganja seeds. He has spent the following years on collecting seeds of various strains and began to crossbreed them. It led to the establishment of Nirvana seedbank in Amsterdam in the year of 1995. From that day, Green Leaf lovers can buy the best marihuana seeds available.

You may wonder, what makes the Nirvana seeds so great? It is because the fact that Nirvana’s team continues to experiment to create products of the highest quality that you won’t get anywhere else. Due to their quality, Nirvana’s original crossbred strains attracted a lot of attention. Along with the regular marijuana seeds, this seedbanks also offers the highly popular feminized ones. Their popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise, only female ganja plants will grant you the high that we are all looking for. What is more, when your feminized seeds will flower into a beautiful plant, you won’t have to spend any time on removing the male buds from it. You will also find the autoflowering seeds in Nirvana’s catalogue. With not that much time and effort, seeds of this kind will grow you some good quality ganja plants. Due to their fast and short flowering phase, choosing autos would be a good idea if you are just at the beginning of your adventure with growing marihuana.

Nirvana seeds


Nirvana seedbank is responsible for the creation of some of the world’s most popular marijuana seeds. Bubblelicious, AK-48, Wonder Woman, Super Skunk – you Green Leaf lovers out there know those names. These strains are of the highest possible quality, and are one of many Nirvana creations that deserve to be called ‘the best’. Hey, but what if you do not have much of a knowledge of the subject of marijuana and those names mean nothing to you? Let us explain then.

The name of AK-48 comes from its short flowering time, it only needs forty eight days to grow, if the conditions are perfect. This is a Sativa and Indica hybrid, and its hard buds have an intensive aroma.

Bubblelicious, as its name suggests, taste a bit like a pink bubblegum and is very sweet. The growing process lasts for about eight weeks, and the plant itself produces a lot of resin.

Super Skunk is a crossbreed of Skunk Special and Skunk #1. Its extreme popularity is caused by its strong flavour and its ability to grant you the highest of highs. It is also easy to grow, no matter if you do it outdoors, indoors or in greenhouses.


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