White Label

White Label is a perfect seed bank for those of you, who want to buy good quality seeds for a reasonable price. This company provides the full range of popular cannabis varieties, so every marijuana freak will find in their offer something right. In fact, White Label is related to another, much more famous seed bank called Sense Seeds. The newer brand is also selling closely selected cannabis strains, which makes them more and more popular these days. If you want to test their products as soon as its possible, with our help it will be easier than ever before! We’ve prepared this White Label category so you could find all of their seeds in the one place. We’ve selected, tested, collected and described those products and all you have to do is to choose some of them and make your dreamed-of purchase. It sounds like a piece of cake, doesn’t it?

Everyone will be satisfied with a White Label quality. Connoisseur customers will appreciate such a great choice of famous cannabis within the offer of relatively tiny seed bank. Secondly, amateurs and beginners will be happy because of getting easy to cultivate strains for an affordable price. Why do products by White Label cost so low? Well, it’s connected with a few factors, including economic retailing and basic, no-frills and durable packaging. Sensi Seeds’ sister delivers its cannabis to people living in every corner of the world. Breeders in White Label working hard as hall to stick with reasonable prices. If you don’t believe us, check out the numbers at Skunk24.com or any other site with their products. Buying with us you’re practically saving your money - home-cultivation will help you economize your budget as well!

With feminized seeds by White Label you can expect the greatest harvest that you ever had with the easiest method of cultivation. There’s need to be a reason why this was a first brand ever associated with Sensi Seeds company. The answer is that they’ve created unique genetics and made it available worldwide. Every breeder loves feminized seeds, cause they grow easily and they give many more female plants than regular ones. In White Label offer you’ll find Indica, Sativa and autoflowering strains. Something special for everyone - as you see, this seed bank has the answers for all questions!


White Label

Another thing which is important to mention is the fact that White Label provides regular seeds (from male and female parents) as well. That means that you can buy seeds which can produce both male and female plants. The result depends on the breeding method and the fortune. First significant differences are occurring after around 2 weeks of flowering time. Male plants have oval-shaped pods and female plants produce calyx which look like teardrops with some white hairs. Of course feminised seeds cost more, while buying regular seeds goes together with a risk. It turns out that a natural ratio is around 66 % female to 33% male plants.

Now as you know more about White Label company and their products you’re probably dying to try out them. If you’d like to give it a chance, you should consider starting from the most iconic strains. We can highly recommend you some classics, for example Master Kush, Purple Bud or feminised version of Northern Lights. If you’re more into autoflowering cannabis varieties, let’s give Super Skunk Autoflowering a chance. The truth is, in this category you won’t find any weaker products. Choose whatever you want and you’ll be satisfied with your parcel anyway! All you have to do is to trust this brand the same way like Sensi Seeds did in the future. Just do it and brace yourself for a strong wave of satisfaction!

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