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The greatest thing about marijuana is that it can open human’s mind for an absolutely unique experience. Every single quality of the strain is important: starting from a flavor and ending on its amazing power. Sweet Seeds’ seedbank will give you all of those important factors together – you won’t be pushed to sacrifice any quality to maintain the other. It’s not so common on the cannabis market: most of the breeders are focused on a particular set of features. In this category we have collected the best products by Sweet Seeds’ brand. There are no weaker pieces in here; every variety is outrageous and one of its kind. Besides, strains by this seedbank are based on premium Spanish genetics and they are incredibly easy to grow. Long story short: crave-worthy Sweet Seeds’ feminized products are close to perfection. What else could you possibly want?

Let’s go back to the beginning of this brand. Before Sweet Seeds has become one of the leader in cannabis business, it was a small company with great ambition. Founded in 2005, Sweet Seeds have launched their first product in the exact same year. Their debut feminized strain was sold under the name Black Jack. This variety has become a best-seller – customers from all around the world loved it because of its wealth and its exceptional qualities. Then Sweet Seeds bred even more famous feminized strains, like Cream Caramel or Green Poison. Every breeder and smoker – so every cannabis lover – must have heard about them; if not, he has to be at the very beginning of his green road.

Another turning point was in 2009 – the year when breeders from Sweet Seeds has created their debut feminized autoflowering strain. The goal of the brand was simple: someday they wanted to become one of the best cannabis producers on the market. With a lot of effort, they’ve managed to reach that point. Another great breakthrough in Sweet Seeds’ history was the creation of autoflowering version of Big Devil strain (now it is also available as improved, hybrid variants, including Big Devil XL and Big Devil #2).


Sweet Seeds

How to summarize Sweet Seeds’ brand philosophy? Consider the needs of the consumers, create the most perfect products and collect the great genes with no time limit – it’s mostly what this is all about. Breeders working for Sweet Seeds are using not only modern, but also traditional techniques. It’s important to stress out that their speciality is creation of autoflowering and feminized strains (99,9% of their cannabis plants are female). One of the most rewarded varieties are Cream Caramel Auto and Blow Mind Auto.

If you want to give Sweet Seeds’ products a try, you’re in a perfect place to start. In this special category we have selected the best strains by this brand. No matter what you decide, you will be amazed by the qualities you receive. What should you try at first? To start with, let’s opt for the classics, including Blow Mind Auto, Cream Caramel Auto and Big Devil strains. Other interesting hybrids are Dark Devil Auto and Red Poison Auto (perfect blend of a purple Kush ancestor and bestselling variety called Green Poison). Are you looking for something which is autoflowering? Consider buying Sweet Skunk Auto, Black Jack Auto or another autoflowering strain included in this Sweet Seeds category. As we have already mentioned: whatever you choose, you won’t regret your decision; all of the strains have been tried and tested. Get familiar with the description boxes and make yourself a little, green present. Don’t waste your time – grab your own sweet gift from mother nature even right now!


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