The 10 most productive Marijuana strains

A list of commercial, highly productive marijuana varieties, both normal and autoflowering.


Top 3 Commercial Indoor Varieties:

Hash Monster - our current hit and bestseller. 100% pure Indica, fast and not too tall, but dense and massive.

Hash Monster cannabis

Critical - another variety that is selling well, it is very fast, flowering time is even less than 50 days. A 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid between Skunk and Big Bud.

Marijuana Critical

Super Skunk - a super classic, a strain known for a long time. First class skunk quality and huge yields. All positive reviews.

Marijuana Super Skunk

The top 3 commercial marijuana strains for the outdoors:

Keep in mind that outdoor yield depends mainly on the conditions and weather provided. Differences in skill, climate and weather in any given season can mean someone can yield 30g and someone else 300g from the same strain, or someone else living in California or Spain can yield 1 kg.

In colder climates, not very attractive to plants, it's better to make sure the strain is fast and hardy so it can survive, rather than going for California results.

Early Skunk - No.1 for years. A good Skunk who has been a classic in many seedbanks for over a dozen years. Early Skunk fully ripens in October, between the first and third week, so depending on the weather, there is a risk that it will have to endure harsh conditions in the end.

Early Skunk Marijuana

Durban - 100% pure, stimulating and euphoric Sativa. If anyone likes Sativas (and who doesn't ???? ?) then we recommend this.

Durban cannabis

Maroc Fast - an even faster version of the already fast and famous Maroc. A strong Indica that always manages to fully mature, regardless of the weather.

Maroc Fast Marijuana

The 3 best commercial autoflowering varieties - suitable for both indoors and outdoors

Autoflowering plants flower regardless of the time of year, it is in their genes when they are supposed to start flowering. They are fast and usually take around 8-11 weeks from seed to harvest depending on the variety.

Auto Purple Afghan is a purple bomber, a strong Indica that came out last year and is now the number 3 most bought autoflowering strain. The record yield outdoors in cold climates was 348g.

Auto Purple Afghan Marijuana

Auto AK 2.0 - in the shop for a short time, but also climbing to the top of the bestseller list. It relaxes and gives a good laugh. The strain was created by crossing Auto AK x Skunk#1 and contains up to 23% THC. Record yields are over 250g.

Marijuana Auto Ak 2.0

Automatic Mazar - today this is already a classic, a legend, a bestseller. Great Indica, high power and large yields, records are over 200g.

Marijuana Automatic Mazar

OLD 2014 List:

Industrial Plant, an upgraded version of the well-known and appreciated Northern Lights strain, where the ease and efficiency of growing has been greatly improved. Industrial plant is a very fast cross created specifically for indoor growing. The plants are medium-sized, with a single top and few side branches.

Magnum, an automatic with an amazing yield. Tall plants with lots of compact flowers. With Magnum, Buddha Seeds has overcome the performance limitations of autoflowering strains.

While we're on the subject of yield, we can't forget about Chronic from Serious Seeds. In a clearing she can produce flowers as thick as a grown man's arm. On top of that she is very strong and aromatic. Chronic regularly wins awards in Holland and Spain.

Kalashnikova, an AK47-White Widow hybrid, surprises with its high yield and strong smoke.

Monster, from Eva Seeds, gives a monstrous yield, even in the hands of a beginner, while maintaining the top quality for which it won 1st place at Spannabis 2009. The plants are well branched with a long, thick central peak.

Cotton Candy, one of the most successful Delicious Seeds hybrids. Plants are resistant to fungi, pests and stress. They will cause no problems for anyone. The results are big and long like a fox's tail. They have few leaves so processing is easy and fast.

Moby Dick by Dinafem, one of the best known strains as well as one of the strongest Sativas. Outdoors in full sun, lots of soil and water the plants can be spaced every 3 metres then they will have room to grow fully and will reach about 3 metres tall, producing up to 1.5 kg in optimal conditions.

Auto Mass Monster #1 is a very large automatic that shows the most potential in the field, but indoors it also does quite well. From seed to harvest they need about 80-85 and are able to reward with a yield of up to 150g/plant outdoors and up to about 100g/plant indoors. You can see from the plants that there are mostly Sativa genes and you can also see from the fox-tail-long tops. Mass Monster #1 auto grows fast and under perfect conditions even indoors it can grow over 1m tall and outdoors up to 1.5m.

Haze 2.0 auto is the result of crossing our Haze Automatic with an elite Jack Herer clone. The plants are very dense, producing large clusters of tops which results in very good yields. The tops are dense and hard, sticky with resin.

Power plant, pure Sativa from South Africa. Gives huge yields. Indoors it starts flowering just a week after switching the light cycle to 12/12. The high is strong and stimulating and the smoke is smooth.

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