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Auto Seeds is the seedbank from Spain which is known for the greatest breeding specialists in the matter of autoflowering seeds. It is destined for both connoisseur and commercial, amateur growers. Everybody will find something right in their offer, that’s why they have so many satisfied and loyal clients all across the world.

Finding the best genetics wasn’t that easy; Auto Seeds needed over four years of trial and research. Fortunately, their effort paid off – they’ve managed to develop the best autoflowering strains on the whole cannabis market. Buying their products, you can be 100% sure that you’re paying for a great quality. Auto Seeds’ strains don’t need much time to flower; you’ll get the harvest after only 55 days. You should consider such purchase especially if you’re in hurry or if you don’t have enough space for cultivating regular ganja. Do you want to try these varieties on your own? Look at the products from our Auto Seeds category, pick anything you need and wait for your special parcel! 

Breeders from Auto Seeds company have combined a stabilized autoflowering collection. Many of their strains are perceived as iconic, award-winning varieties which are worthy every single penny. A great choice of traits and tastes and a next generation vibe – is there anything else you could possibly expect from a seedbank? Auto Seeds’ products will provide you great harvest and incredible, unique flavors at the same time. With so many seeds on the cannabis market, it’s still hard to find something which combines satisfied yield and strong, interesting flavor. Here you’ll have 2 in 1. Impressive work of a bunch of cultivators resulted in overcoming many common problems. Nowadays Auto Seeds is offering an impressive range of autoflowering seeds. If it comes to the philosophy of this Spanish brand, in short it’s all about premium quality, innovative solutions and reasonable prices. It’s hard to argue with such mottos, isn’t it?

Auto seeds

How did Auto Seeds’ crew manage to maintain such a great reputation? First of all, breeders were (and still are) working with experienced collectives and producers from both Europe and North America. If a Spanish brand focuses on creating and tweaking the greatest autoflowering seeds, they never say no to any external help. Actually, working with influential proffesionalists was the best decision that they could ever make. Secondly, they’re working with a various ruderalis types, using Siberian and Mexican genetics, but also some hybrids (including Lowryder). In addition, Auto Seeds’ products are flowering irregardless of a sunlight. No matter if you’re cultivating cannabis outdoors or indoors, the effects are going to be equally great.

With such knowledge about Auto Seeds, you’re probably dying to have some of these. If you’d like to give this breeder a chance, let’s start the searching on our site. At first you should try out some classics, including Trans Siberian Seeds, Ultra Lemon Haze and Purple Cheese. We also highly recommend you to consider some other iconic seeds, like Popular Express Seeds or Berry Ryder. What’s important, there’s no place for any weaker strains on All varieties were tried and tested not only by a producer, but also by our crew. We’re proud to present you the greatest selection of Auto Seeds, so you don’t have to worry about the quality or the potential effects. Besides, it’s hard to find a seedbank with such a strong reputation, so there’s no reason to be suspicious. Look at the listed strains, pick something you’ve liked at the first sight and make a purchase. Just make yourself a little green present and try the products by this legendary brand – in other case you’ll never know what you’re actually losing!


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