The fastest autoflowering varieties for Outdoor 2019

We've already introduced the fastest, most discreet smaller outdoor vending machines and the fastest light-sensitive outdoor varieties.

Now it's time for the biggest automatics. The range of large automatics is not huge, but there are some interesting varieties out there

Big outdoor automatics take about 2.5-3.5 months from start to harvest, and that's plenty of time to grow quite big plants, often over 1.5 metres tall, that can produce over 150g of juicy tops.

In terms of time this is a big difference to traditional light sensitive strains because starting at the end of May we can harvest as early as August, whereas with traditional strains we usually have to wait until the end of September or October, often longer.

This is ideal for people who are not 100% sure of their location and want to finish earlier to reduce the risk and still get a good yield.

What choices do we have?

Dutch Passion are one of the first companies to go a little bit bigger (up to 1.5m) with the release of AutoMazar and Think Different, they are big but still fast enough to work well indoors.

The other company that offers some pretty big automatics that can really reward anyone who puts them in their garden is Dinafem, who have released a line of XXL automatics. This line includes strains such as:

    Amensia XXL Auto Moby Dick XXL Auto White Widow XXL Auto Blue Amnesia XXL Auto Cheese XXL Auto

We also have 2 XXXXXL varieties under our own brand (at a much better price). Like Dinafem we have our own version of the great Moby Dick and Amensia Haze:

    Auto Amnesia XL Auto Moby XL

Do you have your favorite huge outdoor automatics? List them in the comments, maybe they'll make it onto our list.

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