Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is a famous seed bank co-founded by reliable breeders with more than fifteen years of meaningful experience. Deep relationship with cannabis issues goes together with cooperation with best specialists and producers on the marijuana market and therefore - the highest quality of the seeds. Ministry of Cannabis located their spaces in 3 countries, which allows them to cultivate plants and to run various trial within different climates and under the different conditions. Nowadays their main office stays in Barcelona, but it was located in Holland back in 2014. The Spanish department is responsible for production both in Spain and the Netherlands. Another one is destined for autoflowering seeds production. Their decision about closing the main Dutch office and opening new one in Spain wasn’t a piece of cake. A great part of cannabis production was left in Holland, but fortunately Ministry of Cannabis manages to control all of their business branches from sunny Barcelona. Thanks to such efforts they’ve gained loyalty of satisfied clients which are living all across the world.

After long years in ganja business Ministry of Cannabis has a position of appreciated and recognized seed bank. Their premium quality seeds provide a certain level of satisfaction to both breeders and smokers. There’s one main goal here and it is to offer their clients what’s the best for them while preserving the reasonable and affordable prices. In Ministry of Cannabis they keep some iconic strains in the offer - they always have classics like Haze, Skunk or the queen of ganja called White Widow. Such varieties are not only easy available but also feminized, which makes them easy to grow. What a lovely option for beginners, isn’t it? Moreover, Ministry of Cannabis is focused on innovative techniques. They always try to improve their genetics and provide some new and unique experience to their clients, no matter if they’re connoisseurs or just amateurs. Long years of creative breeding and development resulted in combining some really exceptional products, including Carnival or a strain called Zenstaion. Are you wondering where to but these amazing varieties by Ministry of Cannabis? Well, there are plenty of places to choose from, but right now you’re in the middle of the best one. In this exact category we’ve collected the best-selling strains by this extraordinary seed bank. If you want to purchase some of their products, don’t hesitate any longer. Stay on, cause here you’ll find what you’re looking for!


Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis presented their exceptional autoflowering line in 2008. One year later they decided to sell feminized seeds only. Since that date their female strains have become an unbeatable hit. They chose quality over quantity and that move was the best thing they could ever do. Add to that an unbelievably great customer service and you’ll understand how this brand is making a world better (and greener) place!

Are you wondering which strain by Ministry of Cannabis should you try in the first place? Well, a great varieties to start with are Zenstaion and Carnival mentioned before. Another iconic strains which you must try at least once in your life are Northern Lights and Big Bud XXL. Ultra White Amnesia is worth a sin as well. If you prefer autoflowering seeds, you’ll be satisfied with a quality of Auto Blueberry Domina or Auto Cheese NL. Of course these are only our propositions - you can choose whatever you like and you’ll be happy with your purchase anyway!


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