Marijuana seeds - types. Auto? Regular? Feminized? Lots of CBD?

Automated? Regular? Feminized? CBD rich? Which to choose?

There is no better or worse choice here - each seed is different and requires a slightly different approach, but also different expectations.

Below we take a look at each marijuana seed along with the pros and cons, plus we give you links to some cool strains.

Regular marijuana seeds

Naturally occurring marijuana plants are dioecious, which as you may remember from school biology means that there are female and male specimens.

They interbreed with each other to create newer and newer varieties and species.

Regular seeds are those that will grow both male and female plants and the grower has no influence on their sex.

They have been steadily declining in popularity over the last few years but are still a popular choice for those who want a true nature experience and for breeders.


    Crossbreeding: Regular cannabis seeds allow you to crossbreed your plants and create new strains and produce your own seeds


    Limited yields: the biggest downside of regular seeds is that you can't control the sex of the plant - you may find that after two months of care you have to get rid of half the plant because it will be male! So the result will be at least half the yield! :(

We don't have regular seeds in our offer but we are sure you will be able to find something especially for you in our store.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds emerged in the late 90's as a response to the needs of growers who wanted to be sure to get female plants.

At first these seeds had significant problems with instability and some of the plants suffered from hermaphroditism.

But over the years breeder's from all over the world have managed to produce top quality seeds that guarantee solid yields full of delicious tops with the best smell and effect.

And meanwhile, the popularity of regular seeds has fallen to just 10% of the cannabis market share.


    Effectiveness: feminized marijuana seeds guarantee 100% female yields. So all your care and attention to the plant will definitely be rewarded with delicious harvests!


    Feminized marijuana seeds will not produce male plants - so they are not the best choice if you intend to take care of seed production yourself.

Recommended Varieties:

    Hash Monster - DutchSkun - a cosmically fast strain and powerful yield with a strong and specific effect. Our favourite!

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Around 2008, almost ten years after the debut of feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering strains known as automatics appeared on the market.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are characterized by their very fast flowering time, independence from light cycles and also the minimal amount of care the plants need to grow properly.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best choice for less experienced growers and their qualities remain at the highest level of their feminized relatives - the smell, taste and effect is just as unique.

Automatics are also feminized, so you can be sure that your plants will be female, fast, and need a minimal amount of your care.


    Speed: the biggest plus of automatics is the speed with which they grow. Flowering times still depend on the variety but you are guaranteed a solid harvest two and a half months after sowing at the latest. Growing: Although there are differences between autoflowering seeds, what they have in common is their small size. So cultivation will not only be quick and easy but also discreet! They are perfect for balconies, terraces and gardens where they won't lure passers-by with their size or mega-intense smell. If you have been thinking about masking your plant between flowers standing on the terrace or in the garden - automats are your choice! Simplicity: autoflowering strains are the easiest to grow - ideal for outdoor and indoor - they can handle gardens, terraces, balconies, small rooms and even the attic - they are not dependent on the amount of light so even in a slightly darker environment they will develop solid tops.


    Yields: smaller size means smaller yields. Compared to the largest feminized plants, the differences can be considerable, but the advantages of automatics make up for their slightly weaker yields!

Recommended varieties:

    Auto AK 2.0 - DutchSkun - a real bestseller! One of the most popular varieties in recent times! Strong yields, fast flowering time and AK genes! OG Kush Auto - Dinafem - legendary OG Kush genetics in an automatic version, a wonderful strain!

Cannabis seeds CBD

You've probably heard a lot about CBD - our trendiest cannabinoid lately. CBD is present in a large portion of the plants available on the market, and the number of CBD plants is steadily increasing. The properties of CBD are best known for their use in medicine and various therapies - CBD's effects are synergistic with THC, reducing its psychoactive effects, while also being great for combating insomnia, excessive stress, muscle pain and tension, as well as more severe cases of sclerosis and serious illnesses like Chrone, epilepsy, and even cancer. Seeds with higher CBD content are the best choice for daily, recreational use - they don't interfere with thinking or bodily functions and allow you to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Both feminized CBD seeds and their autoflowering counterparts are available on the market.


    Reduced psychoactive effects: as a THC antagonist, CBD inhibits the psychoactive effects and side effects of marijuana. Like comparing it to alcohol, high levels of THC are like tequila or vodka, while CBD is like a cold and good beer. Therapeutic properties: CBD interacts with the human body's endocannabinoid system to activate and stimulate natural responses to pain, stress, mood swings, sleep problems and more. Research done on CBD shows that it has beneficial effects on our bodies, including: reduces nausea and vomiting suppresses convulsive behavior fights mental ailments - studies show it effectively fights schizophrenia and psychoses fights inflammation fights neurodegenerative diseases fights mood swings, insecurity and depression few side effects: CBD reduces the strongest side effects of THC: it reduces excessive appetite stimulation, accelerated heart rate, deteriorating memory, psychoactive states, and changes in time sensation - all of which are much milder with high CBD plants.


    reduced psychoactive effects: what may be an advantage for some is a disadvantage for others. The effects of higher CBD plants are milder, less intense, and calmer compared to their THC-only stuffed cousins. Well, not all of us want a calm and mellow high, no?

Recommended strains:

    CBD Therapy - CBD Crew - a long awaited strain with powerful CBD content, one of the best medical strains on the market! OG Kush Auto CBD - Dinafem - legendary OG Kush genetics in an automatic version, and now further enhanced with a solid CBD content, we recommend!

We hope that now you can choose the best seeds for yourself!

DutchSkun's recommendations you'll find under each description - these are some of the best seeds in their class, plus they're fast enough that even the late comers can harvest! ;)

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