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Green House Seeds is one of the most famous cannabis seedbank all across the world. They’re a big company with high-quality products which are available for affordable, fair prices. The roots of the company are reaching back to 1985, but the firm was officially founded almost a decade later. The public debut of the brand is dated for 1995, when the Green House Seeds’ breeders have presented some of their strains at the High Times Cannabis Cup contest. Now all of these products (including Great White Stark, White Widow and White Rhino) are the brand’s iconic best-sellers.

The man who is standing behind the idea of Green House Seeds is called Shantibaba. Actually the founder of the company was Arjan Roskam, but it was Shantibaba who worked with the genetics and created cult, unique strains for the seedbank. Eventually the perfect duet has split up – the reason of this business break-up was the conflict of interests. Roskam was trying to push a production of feminized seeds through, but the main breeder stood in opposition. Ultimately Shantibaba left job in Green House Seeds and created his own seedbank called Mr Nice, in which he has focused on a production of regular seeds. As you see, there were also hard times for a company’s stability, but Green House Seeds has survived and till this day it is one of the most loved and admired seedbank on mother Earth.


green house seeds


Green House Seeds offers non-modified, iconic best-sellers, including Exodus Cheese, Super Lemon Haze and Big Bang Autoflowering. Amateur customers, so as the connoisseurs, admire their products for their remarkable perfection. Such an admiration has its reflection in the numerous important, international awards won by Green House Seeds. Including various honours there are such distinctions like 40 High Times Cannabis Cups and 17 Highlife Cups. Thanks to all of that Green House Seeds is the leader in marijuana business, and Arjan Roskam is honestly called The King of Cannabis. This incredible success was possible because of years of breeding, testing and crossing various strains. Nowadays every single variety by Green House Seeds has its remarkable medicinal and recreational qualities, stunning aroma and unique flavor. Could you want anything more?

Green House Seeds products are great for using both indoor and outdoor growing method. In this brand’s offer you will find fast-growing Indicas and high-quality Sativas as well. Just pick a few seeds from this special category, make a purchase and wait for a huge, green surprise. We sell only the generic champions – that means if you’re buying cannabis seeds from our site you choose from already selected bestsellers. Do you want to give Green House Seeds a chance, but you don’t know where to start and what to try first? Here we have some honest recommendations especially for you.

If you prefer outdoor plants, you should try Himalaya Gold – highly-resistant strain which came from the highest mountains. Another great choice would be Arjan’s Haze, which is providing psychedelic effects and a Sativa high. If you’d rather invest in an indoor cultivation, please consider buying some Green House Seed’s bestsellers – White Rhino White Widow, El Nino or Great White Shark. All of them are shorter and bushier while giving remarkable harvest and experience. Another guess could be Strawberry Haze, Neville’s Haze and Hawaiian Snow, Super Silver Haze, Alaskan Ice, K-Train and many, many more. They all will perform perfect both indoors and outdoors. Green House Seeds is focusing on reasonable genetics choice and a successful breeding. No matter if you want to buy feminized, autoflowering or medicinal seeds, this brand will give you exactly what you need!


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