Sex and marijuana. Marijuana increases sensation?

In pop culture, sex and marijuana smoking is full of all sorts of myths and superstitions. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. This topic is also covered in many scientific studies, so let's take a closer look at what science says about this topic.

More sexual partners and better sensations

According to a study conducted by Psychology Today magazine, about 67% of those surveyed said that marijuana had improved their sex life. On the other hand, 20% of the respondents stressed that the improvement depended solely on the circumstances at the time.

In 2009, the Australian Research Centre in Sex conducted a study on the number of sexual partners of pot users. According to the results, women who used marijuana had more than two partners in the year prior to the survey. For male marijuana smokers, the results showed that these individuals had at least two partners.

Marijuana shortens the length of intercourse?

In the same study, Australian researchers also asked about the length of intercourse after smoking pot. According to the results, intercourse of smokers was much more likely to end in premature ejaculation. But is this really the case? There's a detail to keep in mind that undermines the results of the study - THC changes the perception of time. A few minutes in a smoker's head can last for just a few seconds. Another issue remains the desire of both sexes.

In 2002, a study for the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology concluded that THC probably has a negative effect on libido. The scientific community remains sympathetic to this view, but medical marijuana advocates are decidedly not.

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