How to smoke without losing the herb?

How do you smoke so that you save a certain amount of the herb and the high and relaxation effect remains the same? There are a few ways to do this that are worth taking a closer look at. In this post, we'll take a look at the widely held belief that a larger amount equals a better high, and that holding the smoke longer will allow for better THC absorption.

How to inhale? Don't hold your blow for an indefinite amount of time

Holding the smoke in your lungs for a long time does absolutely nothing. Why does this happen? The answer is very simple. First of all, you need to understand how smoking itself works. When you smoke a joint, the smoke travels through your mouth and trachea to your lungs, where the cannabinoids then travel into your bloodstream and on to your brain. The assimilation of THC only takes place in the lungs. THC penetrates into our blood very quickly, as the whole process takes only milliseconds (like normal gas exchange). The presence of psychoactive substances can already be determined in less than one minute.

Based on the above information, we can conclude that holding the smoke in the lungs for a long time does not help at all. Let's go one step further and check the consequences of holding the smoke in your lungs.

Remember, when a joint is lightly smoked all the time....

When you hold the smoke in your lungs your joint is constantly smouldering slightly. What are the consequences? You are wasting smoke that you could be inhaling. Inhaling massive amounts also doesn't make much sense. If you inhale too much, some of the smoke will be trapped in your mouth and trachea and you won't absorb much of the smoke. If you browse the internet you will come across a statement that "holding the smoke gives you a stronger kick". Of course this is not true, the lack of oxygen is responsible for this feeling. Marijuana remains a much safer stimulant than cigarettes, however when you burn a joint, harmful compounds are also produced.

So how to smoke properly? There are a few golden rules which ensure that smoking marijuana remains completely safe and that you get the most out of your supply of the herb. First of all, don't take too big an inhalation, as we wrote above it's an unnecessary waste of dried weed. The correct way to smoke is to inhale 2/3 smoke and 1/3 air. After each inhale, clear your lungs before the next inhale to get rid of any unwanted residue. Remember - it's how much of your lung surface you take in that counts, not how much you smoke. Savour cannabis, treat it as a magical ritual in which you get to know its smell, taste and of course enjoy the effects! As we can see, the huge quantities of smoke inhaled do nothing at all. If every gram of cannabis is worth its weight in gold to you and you want to save some money - smoke cannabis according to these rules.

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