The 10 Best Autoflowering Seeds of 2014

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Last call to put some autoflowering cannabis seeds in your classe. We are here to help you make the best choice. We present the TOP 10 Automatic varieties that you are most likely to choose. ????

Auto AK47 The most popular autoflowering variety on the market. Auto AK47 was created by crossing Lowryder x AK47. Our version is slightly larger and much more productive than the first cannabis seeds that came on the market a few years ago. Indoor speed from seed to finish is up to 65 days, outdoor around 70-80 days. Depending on the conditions the height is usually 60-80 cm, but with very good conditions it can reach about 100 cm. Yield: depending on the conditions 30-100g. Power: strong indica intoxication.

2 Automatic Mazar This is a cross between Dutch Passion's Mazar and a large autoflowering variety. The quality of the plants is similar to Mazar. It performs well both indoors and outdoors. They are ready in about 10-11 weeks and give mega yields, typical results are around 80-100g. The outdoor record is 200g. A perfect strain for lovers of strong indica and mega yields.

3 - Think Different

According to the producer, this automaton beats even Automazar® in yield. "Our goal was achieved, we created an autoflowering variety with a very high yield and potency that can compete with the best traditional strains. From our gene bank we used the AK420 variety, an AK47 hybrid with very high yield and performance. We then systematically crossed it with a specially selected Ruderalis variety in an effort to exceed the standards set by Automazar®." Think Different® produces very uniform plants about 1-1.5m tall that occasionally, under optimal conditions, yield up to 250-300g/plant. A yield of 500g/m2 is often seen in just 9-10 weeks. THC has been measured at 18%. The strain is very easy to grow, potent and rewards with a high yield.

4. Auto White Widow Auto White Widow is the most famous cannabis strain locked into an autoflowering version. She is a strong strain that is easy to grow and rewards with a big yield. It is very potent - a one-machine, armchair-crushing strain. The tops are frosted with resin which is what she is best known for, it is because of the shiny coating of resin crystals that she was named the White strain.

5 AutoMazar AutoMazar® gives surprisingly high yields for an autoflowering variety. 50 to 125g/plant, with the best result so far being 205g outdoors in Southern Europe. It is a hybrid of our legendary Mazar® strain (best-seller, 3 awards) praised for its potency, yield and smooth taste with Indica/Ruderalis. AutoMazar® grows to over 1m tall and is ready to harvest in around 70 days. It is a typical, strong indica with dense tops and large leaves. The plants are hardy, very stable and resistant to pests and diseases. The high is intense and very body-enhancing. AutoMazar® is a great choice for indica lovers and big yielders.

6) Original Amnesia Auto According to Dinafem the Original Amnesia Auto is one of their best autoflowering strains because besides the high yield and potency it fully retains the taste and smell of the Haze strains. The only true Sativa autoflowering variety. The Original Amnesia autoflowering is a great big plant full of vigour. They have big leaves, sativa dominant genes and it shows in the quality and quantity of the tops produced which look like a fox tail, so big. The Original Amnesia autoflowering smells of incense and the effect is very strong, mental and different from other automatics. The plants are big and very productive. They tolerate a moderate amount of fertilizer. Amnesia is known for its quality, strong effects and big yields - you will find all this in our autoflowering version; this is one of our strongest autoflowering strains.

7 White Widow Auto (Dinafem) White Widow Auto is, according to Dinafem, one of their best indoor automatics. It is a fast indica (60-65 days), short (50-110cm), maximum resin, sweet and very stable. White Widow Autoflowering is a cross of our best male Critical+ Autoflowering plant with a clone of the original White Widow. The autoflowering version retains the sweet and tangy taste of the White Widow and her very high resin production. The only noticeable difference is the higher CBD content which results in a more physical effect than the normal White Widow. The leaves are broad and dark, covered in resin. The tops are big, dense and hard, full of resin; there are not many leaves around. It took two years of selecting the best plants from several thousand to create this strain. This work has resulted in a very stable, uniform strain of very high quality.

8 Dark Devil Auto Dark Devil Auto is the result of crossing our top autoflowering strain, Big Devil XL, with an exotic purple variety from the Hindu Kush region, which we developed together with Buddha Seeds R&D. The influence of the violet genes shortens the flowering period and gives a sweet aroma and purple tones. Dark Devil Auto are plants with a strong main peak and well branched. They have a very high yield of up to 600g/m2 indoors and 200g/plant outdoors. Resin production is amazing and the taste and smell is very pleasant - sweet, fruity with hints of incense and citrus. The tops are dark purple, almost black when harvested.

9 White Dwarf White Dwarf is a cross of two strong indica's. Very fast - from seed to harvest. Very fast - from seed to harvest in 2 months. It has a distinct, sweet taste and smell. Plants are low and resistant to diseases and pests.

AutoXtreme® (Amnesia Haze Auto) AutoXtreme® is the amazing result of a two year partnership between Dutch Passion and Dinafem. The genes of this strain are based on our OutLaw® which is a great combination of Amnesia and Super Haze. Plants are ready in 85 days, growing to 1.5m. They produce very large yields which are first class in both taste and potency. AutoXtreme® is sure to be a variety that won't be beaten for a long time.

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