As it comes to Spanish seedbanks, Dinafem is the leader of cannabis business. This one of the most popular company was founded in 2005 in the north of Spain. Its founders wanted to start selling worldwide after a few years of local activity, which lasted for six long years. You’ve probably heard about some of their best-sellers, including Moby Dick, White Widow, Original Amnesia, OG Kush and Critical +. There are at least few reasons why should you get interested in Dinafem’s products. Firstly, they’re made of original clones, so the seeds represent the best possible genetics. Secondly, breeders employed by this seedbank are open-minded, creative and familiarized with the best growers on the planet Earth. Another thing you should know is that Dinafem is a leader in autoflowering seeds’ production. All of factors we’ve mentioned are the reason why this brand is so loved and respected by its customers. Add to that a great choice of products (especially autoflowering ones) and an additional guarantee and you’ll easily get a full picture. The truth is, seeds by Dinafem aren’t the cheapest products, but their quality is compensating this little detail fully. 

Another great thing about Dinafem is, you can always contact them if you don’t like their parcel, so they could send you a new one. What else could you possibly want? Just look at the strains we’ve collected in Dinafem category and let’s try them out. We’ve mixed together their tried and tested best-sellers, so you could be 100% sure what you’re paying for. All you have to do is to choose some seeds from our offer. We know it may be confusing, so we’re proud to present you some shortened recommendations. They should be helpful, especially if you’re a beginner!



Let’s think about most popular Dinafem strains for a while, starting from Cirtical + 2.0. This feminized, Indica-dominant strain has been strengthened by a special crossing maneuver. Breeders have blend Critical + with a strong, moisture-resistant phenotype. In the result Critical + 2.0 may be grown even in not so hospitable regions and its seeds will still evolve into thick and high-quality buds. This marijuana variety is fast-flowering and great for the beginners. It provides powerful physical effects, which are often described as long-lasting, relaxing high. Are you looking for something slightly different? Another feminized, but Indica-dominant strain is called Moby Dick. This hybrid is a perfect blend of White Widow and Haze, which became iconic thanks to its unique genetics, amazing potency and impressive yield it provides. Resined, tick buds and a charming flavor are guaranteed in here. If you’re looking for a moment of relaxation, don’t hesitate any longer and give Moby Dick a chance!

Another great strain is Sativa-dominant Original Amnesia by Dinafem Seeds. Also feminized, it came from crossing two kinds of Original Amnesia. It flowers extremely fast, gives attractive yields and seduce with its incredible aroma and flavor. At first smokers will experience an uplifting, euphoric and cerebral high, but then it will all evolve into a narcotic stone. Do you prefer to rest deeply? Consider buying OG Kush - Indica-dominant strain which is connecting the qualities of Lemon Thai/Pakistani and Chemdawg. This feminized hybrid grows into fast-flowering, quite short plant with resinous buds. 

All of these strains are only our propositions. The fact is, you can choose every kind of seeds from this huge Dinafem family. Look at the catalogue and find some perfect solution for your individual needs. Don’t forget that Dinafem is creating the best CBD-rich varieties with therapeutic qualities!


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