Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds is a seed bank well known for its incredible cannabis strains. Such a great quality stems from the fact that they focus on providing authentic and stable seeds for the worldwide customers. Believe it or not, they are rockstars in that business. If you want to feel this power on your own, you’re in a great place to start your searchings. In this exact category you’ll find selected products by Ripper Seeds brand. On we sell a wide range of cannabis strains, especially feminized ones. Purchase whatever you like, so you could finally enjoy these unique genetics and impressively huge crops!

Ripper Seeds has over 40 different cannabis varieties in their offer. Every each of them stands out as an owner of unique smoke, aroma and flavor. As it comes to a brand’s philosophy, the main goal of the company is to constantly expand the qualities which they have in their offer. Even the most experienced breeders will be enchanted by these remarkable strains. Such products can easily make you surprised, satisfied and forced to a deeper reflection at the same time. Moreover, Ripper Seeds will do all of those things without ripping you off! Great products available at reasonable prices - what else could you possibly expect from a seed bank?

The story of Ripper Seeds has formally begun in 2011, the year it was officially founded. The truth is, the collective of breeders has been active on a Spanish scene for a few years before this moment, since the new millennium to be exact. They were working full-time from the very beginning and they tried really hard to find themselves in the new-born Grow Shop industry. Future breeders of Ripper Seeds were co-operating with the best specialists on the cannabis field. Thanks to that they gained knowledge about genetics, production and selection of the seeds. Some of their strains from those times are still available in Ripper Seeds’ offer. In mid-2011 friends who were in love with marijuana decided to start acting under the common name. This amazing seed bank from Barcelona offers quite a narrow, but professional collection of easy to grow, feminized seeds. Ripper Seeds’ breeders do what they can to please you and to make our planet greener. Buying from them you can always count on the highest-quality, amazing, 100% feminized seeds which will entrance you totally.


Ripper Seeds

What is the future of Ripper Seeds? Spanish company dreams about constantly achieving perfect yields and unbeatable effects. They want to be innovative and cultivate their tradition at the same time. Creating new solutions and stay reliable brand with a history, that’s the goal. They do that all the time, that’s why they’re known as experienced marijuana producers with a perfect merchandise. Choose the most important factors and browse their offer looking at the particular qualities. Aroma, taste, structure, resistance, production system, flowering time, direct effects of use - all of those are equally important, so in the best scenario you should have them all. Moreover, soon you can expect a new range of organoleptic sensations in the Ripper Seeds’ offer.

Now, as you know more about Ripper Seeds and their products, you’re probably dying to give them a chance. Are you wondering what to try in the first place? Well, at first you should consider some classic icons, including Double Glock, Criminal or a mysterious, sweet strain called Grapegum. Another great options are cannabis seeds called Ripper Haze and Washing Machine. Making your purchase, don’t you dare to forget about 7 brand new strains which joined the offer in 2012. The truth is, whatever you choose, you’ll achieve the full satisfaction with those products anyway. Indicas, Sativas or hybrids - in Ripper Seeds they’ve got them all and they do it right!


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