Eva Seeds

Eva Seeds is a seed bank founded by Spanish woman, which offers narrow but exceptional choice of polished cannabis strains. All of seeds by this brand are based on unique and exotic genetics, which makes them more reliable and worth-to-try. Moreover, Eva Seeds’ products aren’t so expensive - they are available for reasonable prices. As you see, they’ve got it all, so you should totally give them a try. We can assure you that you won’t regret it! You don’t have to buy it from official retailer - now you can purchase them via our site. Trying Eva Seeds’ strains has never been so easy. Just look at our special category, choose between the best varieties and save money with us!

The thing is, Eva Seeds company is trying to satisfy breeders at every stage of advancement. Thanks to that both amateurs and connoisseurs will be amazed by their propositions. They’ve got close to everything in their offer, starting from unique strains which need a special attention (but give perfect flavors and potencies in return) and ending up with feminized, easy-to grow seeds for beginners. In addition, every single strain was cerated with carefully selection of qualities and flavors, so you can always count on a great yield and satisfying effects.

The beginning of Eva Seeds dates back to 2006. It was created because of Spannabis event - Eva wanted to share her special genetics with a wider, worldwide audience. Now she’s got an attention of customers from every corner of the world. What’s exceptional, every strain which was once put into her offer stays in the collection till now. There’s no extra proof of quality needed, if a seedbank has such rules and attitude. Why should anyone improve the perfection? Buying those products just can’t be a mistake; if everyone love them for so long, they must be the greatest option available on the cannabis market, mustn’t they?


Eva Seeds

There are few iconic products by this Spanish brand which we just have to mention. For example, Papa’s Candy is a cannabis strain which has won numerous awards, including a few Cannabis Cups, first place at 2007 Indoor High Life event, 1st prize at 2006 Revolta Verda and a main Spannabis award (two years in row - 2008 and 2009). The greatest honor for Eva Seeds was the distinction awarded at the same Spannabis contest, speaking precisely: the title of the best seedbank of the 2012 year. As you see, it took only one decade for Eva Seeds to grow strong and respected. What’s important, the breeders haven’t rest on their laurels even for a moment. They’re known for constantly improving their genetics and creating new products. Eva Seeds’ products are not only easy to cultivate; they also guarantee unique aromas and flavors, great yields and an extraordinary potency. If that doesn’t impress you, nothing will. Let these seeds seduce you so you can celebrate them alone or with a bunch of friends!

Now you’re aware of the most important facts in Eva Seeds’ theme. If you want to give this seed bank a try, just choose some seeds which you like the most. Since all of those are great, it probably won’t be an easy decision. We’ve chosen only the best, most special strains, so you could trust in their qualities without any hesitation. Are you looking for any particular tips? Well, we can highly recommend you to buy best-sellers like Monster, Jamaican Dream or Papa’s Candy. Another popular and beloved varieties are Missing and Veneno, but we mention them only as examples. All the seeds you can find in this category are worth your money and latter breeding effort. Cultivate them with love and they will reward you with their exceptional qualities!


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