Royal Queen Seeds

Although Royal Queen Seeds is a quite young company, it is yet among the most famous Dutch seedbanks all over the world. They are selling unique, high-quality cannabis seeds and that’s mainly because of their great experience. People who started Royal Queen Seeds were in the business for a really long time. Do you want to try some of their products? You’re lucky you found us! Here on you can find the best strains made by this royal brand. In this exact category we offer an impressive choice of Royal Queen Seeds, including feminised, autoflowering and medical varieties. The main advantage of this brand is that they always focus on their customers’ needs. No matter if you’re a proponent of cultivation outdoors or indoors, you’ll find a right solution in their offer. Give Royal Queen Seeds a chance and check out why is this company growing so fast! There is no doubt, that the quality of their products is the reason of a strong position on the European cannabis market.

Having in mind an incredible quality, the prices offered by Royal Queen Seeds look more than fair. Even the best-sellers, including Amnesia Haze Automatic, Northern Light or Flower Power, are pretty affordable and available for standard amount of money. Another great thing is the fact, that all of cannabis seeds by Royal Queen company are feminised. It’s a huge advantage especially for the beginning cultivators – a process of working with feminised strains is much easier and faster. There is no need to identify and eliminate any male plants from an achieved harvest – you can just raise the bud and forget about any additional problems. Moreover, Royal Queen Seeds company has a wide range of autoflowering marijuana varieties. Even if you don’t have much experience in growing cannabis, you will get impressive results in 8 to 10 weeks. It is also important to say, that all of Royal Queen Seeds’ products are precisely selected, regularly tested and cultivated with organic, eco-friendly methods. The company is offering only the most powerful strains, like Haze - there is no place for any weaker, non-satisfying species.


Royal Queen Seeds

In Royal Queen Seeds nothing happens by the accident. Every product is the result of years and years of trying and testing the best solutions. Over twenty years of experience in a marijuana business means a lot in this world. Equally meaningful and valuable are the multiple awards won by their various strains. Royal Queen Seeds’ classics have won numerous contests, including the Highlife Cup and the most famous one – High Time Cannabis Cup. The brand is constantly offering the iconic varieties, including Northern Light, White Widow, Critical, Shining Silver Haze, OG Kush or Skunk #1. Every customer will find the seeds he likes the most. Could it be any better?

Royal Queen Seeds provides its customers great products, which were brought to life by using a perfect genetics elaboration method. Each strain represents a pleasant flavour, amazing effects and a satisfying yield. If you think about it for a moment, you will surely admit, that there’s nothing more one could possibly want or expect. Are you an experienced breeder? You will get amazing final results, that’s for sure, but if you’re the beginner, you will find some strains which are great for you as well. Give Royal Queen Seeds a chance and try out some of their classics. First of all, you have to consider buying some iconic strains, including Amnesia Haze Automatic and Lemon Haze. Remember, that in this category you’ll also find many more worth-to-try varieties, such as Special Kush 1, Special Queen 1 and Bubblegum XL. Don’t hesitate a bit, cause there’s nothing to think about – just choose some of the seeds that you loved at first sight. God save the Royal Queen Seeds!


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