What are your expectations from the ganja seeds you buy? Probably what we all want: that they will grow you a resistant plant that needs not much of attention, grows fast, and produces big amounts of our precious buds. Truth be told, not all strains have those features, but there are some that are as close to perfection as it gets. Grass-o-matic is a seed bank that created such strains, and that is probably the main reason behind its popularity among the ganja enthusiasts all around the world. What they do, and how they do it, proves that you do not have to be a huge seed bank to produce and sell strains that are so widely liked and used. Quality is always more important than quantity.

Founded in Spain in 2007, Grass-o-matic is a rather small seed bank when compared with its competitors. Why they are so popular then? It is because of their acomplishments. Breeders from Grass-o-matic were the first ones to feminize autoflowering plants. That is quite an achievement. That alone was enough mark their presence on the market.

When it comes to creating their autoflowering ganja strains, Grass-o-matic has only one rule: only the best quality seeds are allowed. They have put tremendous amount of work throughout the years to achieve that, but it paid off nicely. They can now offer all of you marijuana lovers strains of the highest stability and consistency. All of their products are top-notch in terms of quality, and we are more than sure that they will satisfy even the most picky ones of you. 



To the surprise of no one, the Spaniards in Grass-o-matic take very good care of their product. Each step of the production process, from breeding to packaging, is taken under strict regulations, so that the clients will receive their orders in perfect state and condition. It is also due to their strict production process that their strains are known for their high germination rate. Moreover, the guys at Grass-o-matic conducted various different tests on their seeds, and the results that they were provided with were solid enough to assure their clients that the seeds they buy will always grow a female plant.

If Grass-o-matic’s offer is something that got your attention, you came to the right place. Here at we have all the best seeds from the Spaniard’s catalogue. Seeds produced by Grass-o-matic are of the highest quality, and their popularity among the growers and users only proves that. Reasonable pricing, guarantee of growing what you ordered, what more could you possibly as for? We are more than sure that Grass-o-matic’s products will fulfil your needs.


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