Advanced Seeds

We live in the times when the number of cannabis breeders is greater than ever. They all do as much as they can to persuade us to buy their products. That, of course, is in favour of all the ganja enthusiasts out there – bigger competition on the marker means better prices and products of higher quality, which is precisely what we all want. As usual, there is the other side of the coin in this situation. It is more difficult than ever to choose the ‘right’ seed bank, since every one of them claims to have the best product available in their offer. What is the best one can do when facing such a problem? It is rather simple, just choose from the well-known and respected seed banks, whose opinion among the marijuana growers and users is unblemished. Advanced Seeds seed bank is definitely one of them. This breeder originates from the southern parts of Spain, and it is said that their products will satisfy even those with the most sophisticated taste.

Why Advanced Seeds is better than the other seed banks, you my ask? Firstly, they are among the first breeders who started to produce autoflowering cannabis strains, which are so widely popular nowadays. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, people behind the Advanced Seeds are known for the hard work they put into the creation of the purest ganja genetics. All their strains are produced in closed, isolated rooms, under extremely strict conditions. All of this is done so that you can be sure that the strain you are getting is exactly the one you wanted. Moreover, this seed bank uses only natural methods of cultivation, and natural pesticides and fertilizers. That may be the reason why their products are often called ‘organic marijuana seeds’. Even their feminized seeds are created without any sort of genetic manipulation. That alone is more than unique.


Advanced Seeds

Feminized seeds and autos developed by Advanced Seeds are of the highest quality possible. Some of the other breeders could learn a thing or two from these Spaniards. Now you know the reasons why so many Green Leaf enthusiasts buy from this breeder. These are also the reasons why we decided to have this seed bank’s offer available here, at Top-notch quality, reasonable pricing. No wonder why so they have so many regular customers.

When it comes to popularity, it is extremely hard to choose the ‘number one’. Auto Somango, Auto Biodiesel Mass, Auto Jack Herrer, Afghan Skunk – these are just a few of Advanced Seeds most popular strains. Their entire catalogue is very popular among the marijuana users and growers. If you are on the hunt for some ganja seeds of the highest quality, Advanced Seeds might be the breeder you are looking for.


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