Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is a living legend in marijuana world. It’s not only one of the most popular, but also one of the oldest active seedbanks on the cannabis market. In their offer you will find both original classics and quite new, innovative strains. In most of the cases customers are allowed to choose feminized versions of seeds. The beginning of Dutch Passion is dated back on the 70’s, but in fact the situation was a little bit more complicated. The seedbank founded by Henk van Dalen needed one more decade to get formally established – that’s why it has officially started its activity in 1987. The scale of success achieved by this company is hard to believe in. There’s no weed lover walking on our planet who has not heard about the legend of Dutch Passion and that has to mean something.

Dutch Passion is acting in consonance with three main principles. The first one is connected with collecting and using the best possible genetics, which is a reason of relatively easy cultivation, achievable even for the amateurs. The second rule is to stay innovative under all circumstances. They’ve been respecting this motto since the very beginning. In the nineties they’ve invented feminized seeds, which nowadays represent a common standard on the whole cannabis market. Later on Dutch Passion’s workers improved the qualities of autoflowering feminized seeds. They constantly overturn prevailing standards and they never stop in searching better solutions. The last one principle is to remain at the greatest level as it comes to customer service. Perfect qualities of the products go hand to hand with satisfaction of the clients. This particular brand is an unbeatable favorite for both recreational and medical growers. Dutch Passion can boast about long experience in marijuana business, which helped them in building a strong network of breeders and other ganja professionals. You have to understand that every single strain has been carefully selected, bred and produced. Believe us - you won’t find any weaker or ragged products in here.


Dutch Passion


You’ve probably heard about White Widow, Power Plant or Blueberry. These are the strains from Dutch Passion family with their own household nicknames. As you can imagine, varieties by this brand have been rewarded during the various cannabis contests and got numerous important prizes, for example High Times Cannabis Cup award. The seedbank stock close to 50 cannabis strains. If they come up with something new and better than the old varieties, they just make a necessary change in their offer. What’s better beats what’s boring and less popular, so their range is always composed of bestsellers only.

Now you know more than enough about Dutch Passion brand. If you want to try some of their products, just look at our special category. On Skunk24.com we’ve hoarded the best products by this iconic company. Please remember that Dutch Passion focuses on great genetics, finest quality and – thanks to that – on your private satisfaction. Look at this broad selection of seeds and choose whatever you like the most. The choice is wide and involves autoflowering, feminized and some medical cannabis strains. Are you new in this business? Haven’t you try anything from Dutch Passion’s offer? Let’s start with the most famous classics, including White Widow, Euphoria, Blueberry, Orange Bud or Mazar. Every each of them is a must-have, so just choose the right order and give them a chance they deserve. If you still hesitate, think about all the people who have trusted in Dutch Passion’s skills before you. So many cannabis freaks can’t be wrong, can they?


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