Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds was founded in the Netherlands in 1995. The originator of this whole project was a humble biology teacher called Simon. Dutch seed bank is offering only 11 cannabis strains. The offer, though narrow, represents the best quality at the same time: all varieties are constantly developed and improved. In Serious Seeds they’re not interested in fabling new, unnecessary names; if they come up with something innovative, they just replace the old strains, that’s what they do. Every product by this brand was numerously rewarded and Serious Seeds itself is a guarantee for successful cannabis shopping. We have to admit that those strains are not the cheapest ones, but there’s no chance that someone won’t be satisfied with their products - every time they do their best to suit everyone’s needs. Find your perfect strain in our special category, make a purchase and see for yourself - these seeds are totally worth their price!

As it often happens, at the beginning of Serious Seeds adventure stood one man and his big dream. Simon was studying biology at the Dutch University and he wasn’t smoking at all (neither marijuana nor tobacco). It was 1986 when he flew to Africa and discovered his love for cannabis and merits of smoking it. Thanks to his strong effort he managed to create his own great strains. Of course, he had to do many experiments and cultivate a lot of marijuana plants. This trial stage took him almost a decade, but in the result he accomplished a simple perfection. The effects were so impressive that more and more breeders and smokers were interested in trying it. One day he realized that he’s no more a high school teacher and his job is more of cultivating cannabis instead. He hired himself in a famous Sensi Seeds company but after a year he left his stable position. In 1995 Simon started off his own production under the Serious Seeds name. Since that moment he has gained global recognizability and trust of loyal customers from all across the world. 


Serious Seeds

Nowadays Simon is working with the most talented breeders. Serious Seeds’ team always chooses the best options as it comes to genetics, flavor, aroma, yield or effects provided by their strains. Their first big success was connected with AK-47 and Chronic cannabis varieties. They both have won Cannabis Cups and became popular among the larger audience. The next winner was White Russian variety. That honor completed Simon’s efforts of building a luxury seed bank. Once petit-sized, Serious Seeds earned its reputation. Coveted by breeders and smokers, their products are absolutely unbeatable.

We’re proud to present the best Serious Seeds’ products. Every single strain available via our site has won numerous cannabis awards. If you want to try out the best quality on the market, here it is! Are you wondering which strain should you try first? Well, you have to give some classics a chance, so the first step is to purchase White Russian and AK-47 seeds. If you’re looking for something newer, limited-edition Serious Happiness variety is a great choice for you. Of course we also have some other recommendations - another iconic seeds which are 100% worth to try are called Biddy Early and Kali Mist. The truth is, you can choose whatever you want and you’ll be satisfied by Serious Seeds’ quality anyway. Interesting fact: this exclusive Dutch company is collaborating with an experienced CBD-crew now. That suggests that they’re focusing on high CBD production at this moment. You can count on a wider choice for patients suffering from medical issues in the nearest future. Take Serious Seeds for serious, choose some of their products and start your own cannabis journey just as Simon did once!


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