Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest Dutch cannabis seedbank. It started marijuana production in 1985 and since that time it has become a huge cannabis empire and an unquestionable leader on a ganja market. The man who found this special brand, Ben Dronkers, discovered the world of marijuana breeding ten years earlier, back in 1975. For a couple of years, he was totally focused on creating innovative stuff. During his long travels he collected the unique, high-quality marijuana seeds, so he could breed and mix them with each other. What was crucial for Dronkers’ career, he was one of three Dutch cultivators given access to the contemporaneous invention imported from USA. That invention occurred to be stabile hybrid seeds, such as a Skunk and a Haze. It was a great opportunity for a young breeder and a turning point in his way to success. Having all what he has experienced in mind, Ben Dronkers created his own brand in 1985. Sensi Seeds, his beloved child, was the first classic seedbank on mother Earth. The goal was simple: make it possible for customers to buy whatever seeds they could ever want.

Sensi Seeds brand provides their clients mostly regular seeds from the highest-quality, carefully selected cannabis strains. If you’re wondering where to buy them, you’re in a perfect place to start shopping. We have chosen the best products from Sensi Seeds’ offer and presented them within this category. On our site you can purchase top strains by this brand, especially feminised, easy-to-grow varieties. We can guarantee that you’ll love every single strain labelled by Sensi Seeds logo. There’s nothing to worry about – all of the seeds we are selling are coming from an authentic and trusted source. 

Sensi Seeds


At first Sensi Seeds was a small brand with a limited collection. Now it has a strong impact on the whole marijuana business and culture, especially if it comes to medicinal cannabis. A few years ago, back in 2015, Sensi Seeds has celebrated its 30th anniversary. From collecting unique genotypes, through the slow evolution of their hybrids strains, they have become a huge company with a clear mission. First brand’s shop was called Sensi Seed Club and it was opened in 1986 in the centre of Holland, Amsterdam. The club for marijuana connoisseurs has helped Dronkers in standardising the process of production. At the beginning of its history, Sensi Seeds was a supplier for another Dutch company, The Seed Bank. Thanks to Ben’s effort he could bought the whole firm in 1991. Where innovative ideas meet scientific precision, there’s a reason of Sensi Seeds success. Later, in 2006, Dronkers used another great opportunity for his business and he bought another seedbank called Flying Dutchman. 

Breeders working in the company are focusing on creating powerful inventions. Sensi Seeds versions of classics like Skunk #1 or Master Kush are pure green poetry. Among the company’s bestsellers there is a place for Big Bud, Mother’s Finest any many more unique seeds. Genetic pool of Sensi Seeds is constantly developing. Experience, reputation and attitude in the company is widely admired and frequently rewarded, for example by High Times Cannabis Cups awards.

Here’s an opportunity to buy and try the best Sensi Seeds’ products in practice. There is a wide range of seeds to choose from, so if you don’t really know, where to start, we have some recommendations for you. First of all, you have to give Skunk #1 a chance or just purchase something else from the Skunk family (for example Super Skunk Feminised, Skunk Automatic or Early Skunk Feminised). Another strain by Sensi Seeds which every breeder should try is Northern Lights. The truth is, you can choose whatever you like and you won’t be disappointed. Try this green magic by yourself!


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