Extracts containing more cannabinoids more effective than pure CBD

CBD Extract vs Whole Plant Extract

The University of Jerusalem compared the medical efficacy of extracts containing pure, isolated CBD versus whole plant extracts of hemp containing the full range of cannabinoids.

The study found that extracts containing a good amount of CBD and trace amounts of other cannabinoids were more effective against inflammation and pain than extracts containing only CBD.

The main advantage of the whole plant extract is that as the dose increases, the medical effect of the extract increases, whereas with CBD alone, once an effective dose is found, increasing the dose will not increase the effect, so we can only reduce pain and inflammation to a certain extent, whereas with the whole plant extract, we can tailor the dose to the needs of the individual patient.

Injection versus oral administration

The extracts have been given orally and by injection and both methods produced almost identical effects.

Effectiveness in reducing TNFa production

TNFa below we can see that the CBD extract reduces TNFa (Tumor Necrosis Factor, tumor necrosis factor, tumor necrosis factor) activity only to a certain extent and the whole plant extract reduces TNFa activity more and more with increasing dosage:

Aspirin, tramadol vs cannabis extracts in reducing TNFa activity

As you can see below, the drugs had a better effect in terms of direct pain sensation, but performed much less well in reducing TNFa activity

Synergy of cannabinoids wins over isolated cannabinoids

These studies show the advantage of whole plant and over pure, pharmaceutical extracts with isolated individual cannabinoids and over already existing drugs.

In the future, medical marijuana will probably help more and more patients in a more effective and safer way than drugs available today.

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