Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt Seeds is a popular seeds producer with a main office located in the North California. Products by this company are derived from original American clones. Humboldt Seeds is incredibly committed to the idea of natural production, so they use organic nutrients and fertilizers only. As it comes to their most famous strain, it is probably OG Kush. The truth is, they have many impressive products and their offer is very competitive, especially if we talk about the price. On our site you can buy selected strains by Humboldt Seeds’. Choose some of them and see for yourself why this particular seed bank is so legendary!

Humboldt Seeds is actually a collective of talented breeders from the place called Emerald Triangle. They operate mostly in Spain, but they share their ideas and genetics with customers from all across the world. What defines them is their philosophy: they always focus on an environment and care about community values. In Humboldt Seeds they’re buying only local products; they popularize economical and ethical model and educate worldwide clients so they could know the greatness of properly bred ganja.

Humboldt Seeds is producing their hybrids in the same place where US Indicas were developed. In Northern California they create seeds which are loved and desired not only around West Coast but also in Europe. Trainwreck, Chemdawg and Blue Dream - do they sound familiar to you? All of these are beloved Humboldt Seeds’ children. For example, their Blue Dream is a perfect blend of body relaxation (thanks to Indica) and imaginary stimulating high provided by Sativa genes. If you dream about experiencing something characteristic to California, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Another great thing about Humboldt Seeds is their attitude to breeding. They do their work with passion and they always remember about regional cultivation methods. Their region has a great tradition in breeding which lasts around forty years for now. Such a long experience has to be meaningful, hasn’t it?


Humboldt Seeds

Professional distribution and storage, constant creation of innovative solutions and preservation the genetics which is already patented - these are not the goals which are easy to achieve. Surprisingly, Humboldt Seeds got it all. Thanks to their efforts cannabis lovers may stay calm - even if any catastrophe happens (like famine, natural disaster, war or... crop infection), they’ll rescue the most important genetics from destruction. Humboldt Seeds is an example of reliable and experienced seed bank which cares not only about progress, but also about legacy. Genetic stock is as important as new, innovative collection of seeds in here.

Now you know some interesting facts about Humboldt Seeds company and you’re probably dying to try out their products. If you’re looking for some tips or guides, you’re in a perfect place to get them. First of all, we highly recommend you to test some iconic best-sellers, like Chemdawg or Blue Dream mentioned above. Of course if it comes to Humboldt Seeds, an unbeteibale number one is OG Kush variety. Secondly, for those of you who are looking for something less popular but still satisfying, an equally great option is to buy Amherst Sour Diesel or Chocolate Mint OG. Don’t hesitate any longer, cause all of those products are tried and tested by both Humboldt’s and our crew. You can choose whatever you want from this category and you won’t regret your decision. Make your purchase as soon as it’s possible and stay prepared for the greatest adventure of your life!


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