Medical Seeds


Medical Seeds is a niche, petite Spanish seed bank located in the heart of Barcelona. This brand was born over ten years ago, in 2016 to be strict. They specialize in medical cannabis production and they have a wide choice of strains with therapeutic qualities in their offer. What’s important, they produce autoflowering and feminized seeds only, which means that all of their easy-to-cultivate products will grow into the highest-quality plants. Do you want to give Medical Seeds a chance? Feel this magic power on your own and purchase some of their strains via our site. It’s not so easy to find those products online, but we offer a wide range of them at affordable prices. In this exact category you’ll find everything what you are looking for. Choose wisely and purchase quickly, so you could start your unconventional treatment as soon as its possible!

In Medical Seeds they were always focused on genetics issue. Breeders are constantly improving the seeds they have already created and they try really hard to stay innovative all the time. This brand is much different than every other seed bank because of very limited production. The fact that they’re small has no effects on their ambitions and quality of their products though. Another great thing about Medical Seeds is how their working system looks like. Every single strain gets separate and full attention, so breeders could appreciate and understand it properly. Growers peer at every stage of cultivation process and thanks to that they have a great knowledge about cannabis and reactions of its various strains. One variety react to pests, fertilizing, cold or fungus in a different way than the other. If breeders can evaluate flowering time and predict harvest for every strain without any hesitation, it helps them to create the best products we could ever imagine. Medical Seeds workers do everything they can to launch the best-sellers only.

Medical Seeds is a master in combining various cannabis strains and caring about them like a pro. Varieties which were created with love and were improved at least a few times just have to be amazing. Medical Seeds have accomplished such a great production level because of extensive and intensive testing phase. If it comes to the trial, they can easily conquer with the most established seed banks on the cannabis market. They test each factor carefully, now matter if it’s a yield or a cannabinoid quantity, and they never rest on their laurels. 

Medical Seeds

You should also know that prices of products by this Spanish brand are really competitive. If you think about such amazing quality, these seeds are available almost for free. Medical Seeds never wanted to price out their strains, having in mind the financial condition of their ill customers. If the clients need some cheap treatment so desperately, they should get it for once. Medical Seeds provides a great customer service also. Fortunately for you, we have a wide range of their products in our offer, including the old ones and the new propositions as well.

Now you’re probably dying to try out Medical Seeds’ products. If you think that this Spanish brand deserves your chance, all you have to do is to choose some of their products collected on our site. We’ve also got some recommendations for you! Firstly, you just have to purchase seeds called Y Griega, especially if you’re a beginner. This Sativa with extraordinary sturdy buds will win your mind for sure. Our next guesses would be 1024 and Sour Diesel, but No Name and Channel+ strains are great as well. The truth is, you can pick whatever you want from this Medical Seeds category and you will be happy with your decision anyway!


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