Euphoria (not to be confused with the similarly named Euphoria strain) is a hybrid of predominantly indica genes that offers deep, therapeutic relaxation thanks to its relatively high concentration of CBD. Developed by Royal Queen Seeds, Euphoria is a cross between the CBD-rich Royal Medic and the award-winning Shark Shock. This strain has a THC content of only 6% and a CBD concentration of 7%, so the high experienced from this strain should be mild.

When properly trimmed, Euphoria offers long, almost cylindrical flowers. The tops are clumped together in a dense, solid form typical of indica strains. Due to lower THC levels, this strain contains fewer trichomes than other indica-dominant strains. The flowers have a sweet and fruity flavor profile. When burned, they produce a smooth and delicate smoke, and a distinct fruit flavor can be felt when exhaled.

CBD plays a big role in the appeal of this strain. Smokers are more likely to experience a gradual onset of action, and may notice a reduction in muscle tension and increased ability to breathe deeply. All the while, mental abilities are undisturbed, and users notice that the mind is extremely clear and they are able to perform complex tasks or hold long conversations.

Medically, the sedative properties can be useful in reducing chronic pain, and in large enough doses can help combat insomnia. Euphoria's effects can also be useful in alleviating difficulties caused by social anxiety.

Euphoria strain seeds are available from Royal Queen Seeds. Plants can grow both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor cultivation, however, requires a semi-humid climate and temperatures between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius.The plants tend to bush out, but grow small and are adapted for indoor cultivation.

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