Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds is quite new but yet famous seedbank born in Spain. Their strains are based on great genetics, so they all represent the highest possible value. Simultaneously, they are available for reasonable amount of money. Most of you have probably heard about Auto White Widow, the most popular cannabis strain by Pyramid Seeds. The truth is, this variety is only a drop in their own marijuana ocean. If you’re wondering where to find their products, you don’t have to look for them anymore. You can buy their seeds right here, on We have selected the best strains by this brand so you could choose whatever you want without unnecessary worries about the quality. Before you make a purchase, let’s get familiar with some fragments of the Pyramid Seeds’ story. What are the greatest achievement of this Spanish company? Which exact varieties should you try in the first place? We’ve got all the answers for you!

The headquarters of Pyramid Seeds is located in the heart of Barcelona. The breeder collective has one main goal: offering their clients easy-to-grow feminized seeds which are as close to perfection as they can possibly be. Their products are loved by both experienced and amateur growers, because they manage to suit needs every ganja lover. At first Pyramid Seeds’ crew was selling strains only into Spanish cannabis market. Over the years they have grown big enough to step into a global level of marijuana business. Currently they are easily recognized in every corner of the world. 

You can’t overestimate the fact that all of the Pyramid Seeds’ varieties are quite cheap while easy to cultivate. In one fell swoop, the same strains are complex in a sense of various flavors, aromas, achievable yields and effects provided. The customers are allowed to choose different cannabis types to fulfill their needs. What’s truly intriguing about Pyramid Seeds is that they are faithful to the same cultivation method which they used at the very beginning. They’re not teeny-tiny breeding collective anymore, but they still pick the seeds by hand and test them carefully. Thanks to that they are 100% sure that there will be no problems with latter cultivation. Such an attitude helped them gain deeply satisfied and loyal group of clients from all across the world.


Pyramid Seeds

What are the most popular strains from Pyramid Seeds’ offer? Of course every single variety has its own unique qualities, but there are some products which are more desired than the rest. The first example is New York City, which is autoflowering cannabis hybrid. This Sativa-dominant strain is well-known by its incredible citrus scent and really high potency. If it comes to the feminized seeds, the most adored favorite from Pyramid Seeds’ line is Super OG Kush (which came from Hindu Kush). This variety is impressively fast-flowering and extremely productive while having an incredible flavor.

Now you’re aware of the most important facts about Pyramid Seeds and their products. If you want to give them a chance, just have a look around our site. We’ve prepared a special category with seeds by this Spanish brand. There is no place for any mistakes – whatever you choose, you’ll be maximally satisfied. If you’ve never tried any products by Pyramid Seeds, you should consider starting from testing their bestsellers. Auto White Widow and Auto New York City are only the examples – Auto Anubis, Auto Purple and Auto Amnesia Gold are equally worth your attention. Do you prefer feminized seeds? Super OG Kush is waiting for you as well. Let’s choose anything you like and try out your breeding skills!


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