AK 47

AK 47 is known as a famous weapon, but also as a great cannabis strain. Don’t worry, there will be no killing effects; you’ll get some kind of intense, relaxing, mellow experience instead. Long story short: AK 47 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Smokers report that they feel steady and long-lasting buzz after using it. If you’d like to become more creative and social and you need to stay mentally alert at the same time, you’ve got a right address. The best way to find more about this incredible blend of Thai, Mexican, Afghani and Colombian cannabis strains is to purchase one of such varieties. Every member of AK 47 family will provide you great flavors and even better effects. Are you ready to feel that power? Pick up one of the strains collected in this special category and start this exceptional, green journey right now!

The beginning of AK 47 is dated on 1992 – its creator was Serious Seeds company. Since that moment this amazing strain has won numerous Cannabis Cup prizes. It is loved and desired because of many reasons, but the reason number one is soaring THC content. At Cannabis Cup ’99 some specialists have done a lab examination which revealed that this marijuana had a highest THC ratio from all of contestants. Later on AK 47 has been rewarded for a few more times. Among its numerous titles there is a place for ‘Indica Strain of the Year’ got in 2003 and a 3rd prize for the best hybrid at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001.

AK 47

Would you like to cultivate AK 47 on your own? Well, you should have an indoor space with soil or hydroponic setup at your disposal. This strain is not the easiest one to grow, but with a little effort your interior garden will get covered with resinous, skunky cannabis plants. What’s important, the flowering time is quite short and it lasts from 53 to 63 days. If you cultivate AK 47 in a miniature space, you’ll deal with its powerful aroma. Scent of an average-height herb is a blend of petroleum, diesel drain and a berry. It’s earthy and sour at the same time with a bit of flower taste. About the color: the plant is mostly lime green with some vivid, orange accents (long hairs on the buds). AK47 provides a long-term high mixed with a stoned feeling. You’ll be relaxed, uplifted and happy at the same moment; you can also use this strain for healing many inconvenient illnesses, including anxiety, depression and long-term stress. 

If you’d like to give AK 47 a try, you’re in a best place to start your incredible journey. On our site we have set a special category for the AK 47 family members. You won’t find any weaker varieties in here; every single strain was tried & tested and we have decided to choose only the best ones available on the cannabis market. In this special section on Skunk24.com you’ll find exactly what you need. DO you want to smoke an original AK47 strain? Or maybe would you rather try some latter hybrids, like Skunk 47, Jack 47 Auto or Kaya 47? No matter what are your preferences, you’ll be fully satisfied by our offer. You should also be aware of the fact that various seedbanks developed their own versions of AK 47 strain. For example: Female Seeds got Auto AK or Pure AK and Royal Queen Seeds is selling Royal AK and Royal AK Automatic. Here you’ll find all of that and even more! With such a wide choice the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is to read the description boxes, pick whatever you like and just wait for a green attack of incredibleness. You don’t have to worry about the quality of products that you’d like to purchase; we’ve done a great job with selecting the strains. Man up and venture to give AK 47 a shot!


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