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This seedbank’s name could be the synonym of ‘greatness’ in marihuana enthusiasts’ dictionary. Many customers buy from World of Seeds because they are sure that they will receive only top-notch ganja seeds, not some half-finished product. This seedbank’s team is made of highly qualified scientists, whose combined knowledge led to the creation of some unique weed strains. You use marijuana as a medication? Or you just look for something more recreational? In any of those cases, you should check out World of Seeds’ catalogue, it is filled with all kinds of seeds that will definitely fulfil all your needs. The base of any collection created by World of Seeds are ‘home made’ strains of the highest quality.

Many of you are really in favour of autos, right? Autoflowering strains created by World of Seeds are something you might want to look into. They flower fast, and can be grown during any season. Among all the autos produced by this seedbank, many, like the customer favourite Afghan Kush, will take you on a psychoactive journey. Just turn on some psychedelic rock and off you go!

If the old school, classic strains are something you enjoy the most, you should try out the Legend Collection. Strains from this collection gained their legendary status thanks to their scent, flavour, and the effect they have on those who use them. 

World of Seeds

As it was proven many years ago, marihuana can be as good of a medicine - or maybe even better - as any pharmaceutically created drug. To respond to the growing demand for medical marihuana, World of Seeds created a line of strains that will lessen the pain that many patients suffer from. It is worth mentioning that medical marihuana can also be of great help to numerous patients who suffer from Parkinson Disease. It was proven that it lessens the shakiness of limbs, one of the disease’s earliest symptoms. 

There are numerous ganja strains that come from all corners of the world. World of Seeds spent a lot of time on collecting them, which resulted in the creation of the Pure Origin Collection. It is made of strains that came from Thailand, Brazil, and other countries. You can now taste the Green Leaf from other parts of the world without leaving your home! 

World of Seeds have two more collections available. Regular Collection is based on the regular versions of strains from the Pure Origin Collection. Seeds from this collection are perfect for you if you like to crossbreed and create your own strains. Special Collection is the last one in World of Seeds’ catalogue. Its target are the customers who like to buy one package containing seeds of various strains.


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