Amnesia is one of the most popular Sativa-dominant cannabis strains. It’s a classic hybrid with 70% Sativa to 30% Indica ratio. One of the reasons of its fame is an impressive THC content which sometimes reaches up to 24%. You’ve probably bumped into varieties like Jack Herer, Skunk od Cinderella 99, right? Well, all of them are the part of Amnesia’s progeny. There are many strains which came from the same genetics because of the breeders’ creativity. Luckily for you, you will find all of such best-sellers on our site. We’ve created this special Amnesia category to gather them together so you could easily purchase whatever you need!

Amnesia is a unique strain with a lovely, kind of earthy flavor with some citrus and sweet undertones. Its aroma is citrus too: you can smell lemons and oranges in here. About the effects, smokers describe energetic, uplifting buzz which has a power of improving the mood. If you suffer from some disorders in that matter, you’ll appreciate such positive, creative and relaxing effects. Amnesia is a great way of bringing back happiness within a minute. This strain is also helpful in killing lethargy – after 10-15 minutes it will strongly affect your body. Thanks to that you will stay awake and full of energy. Amnesia is also used for treating some other medical issues, including depression, chronic stress and anxiety. If you’re dealing with nausea or migraine, you should also give it a chance. Headaches, minor pains, psychical disorders, even eye pressure – all of these discomforts may be relieved by smoking this special marijuana. Shortly speaking, with Amnesia you can easily forget about such problems…



Amnesia came from crossing some Jamaican and South Asian landraces. It’s beloved by both experts and common breeders and smokers. It was rewarded for many times; including its numerous awards there is a place for the 1st price at 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. In 2012 it won Sativa Cup award at the same contest. These (and many other) awards made Amnesia one of the most wanted strains ever. It became available not only in the Dutch coffee shops, but also worldwide. Amnesia needs 9 to 11 weeks for flowering time; after that you should look out for heavy and satisfying yields. Strong THC content goes together with a low CBD ratio. To avoid unnecessary side effects, you should use Amnesia carefully. Otherwise you may deal with a dry mouth or dry eyes feeling; in some individual cases even paranoia or dizziness were reported. Proper dosing is always a base thing to do!

Now, as you know more about Amnesia variety, you probably want to give it a chance. Take a close look at strains available on our site and choose some of varieties we have already selected, tried and tested. Do you still need more clues? First of all, consider buying an original Amnesia Haze – classic Sativa with a lot of supporters all around the world. Another option could be Amnesia Haze Automatic (autoflowering version of Amnesia Haze bred in nineties in Holland) or Amnesia Lemon (Cannabis Cup 2004 winner; blend of Amnesia Haze and another iconic strain called Lemon Skunk). Our next guesses are Original Amnesia Autoflowering (Sativa-dominant variety and a cross of Original Amnesia and autoflowering version of Haze) and Auto Blue Amnesia (Amnesia and Blueberry hybrid). This is only a beginning of a much wider choice. There are still plenty of strains to try out, including Amnesia XXL Auto or Blue Amnesia XXL. Don’t waste more time and choose something from our Amnesia category. Make yourself a little present and take a liberty of a momentary, controlled lapse!


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