Jack Herer

Have you ever heard about Jack Herer? Well, you probably have – nowadays it’s one of the most popular cannabis strains. Its unique name came from the surname of marijuana activist, who is a creator of ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ at the same time. The legend of Jack Herer is still alive and the seeds by this strain are loved and desired by the beginners and connoisseurs all across the world. What’s incredible, THC content of this variety reaches even 20%, which effects in a pretty great buzz. Do you want to try Jack Herer’s possibilities on your own? Just look at our special category and find the right product by your favourite seedbank. Don’t hesitate any longer – this strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup because it’s worth it.

Speaking of HTTC contest, Jack Herer has won it more than once. Till this moment it has attained seven statuettes for the main winner. Such a high score makes it the most often rewarded cannabis strain in the whole history of marijuana contests. And we haven’t even mentioned any other awards… The main turning point in Jack Herer’s career was the start of its pharmaceutical distribution in the Netherlands. The Dutch can get it under common, easy-to-get prescription. That’s why its recognized as popular medicinal cannabis which is available without much trouble.

About the effects, it could be used for treating medicinal issues, including stress overload, anxiety, nervousness or depression. It’s advised to smoke in the case of chronic pains, headaches and nausea. If you’re suffering from nagging migraines, Jack Herer can provide you a relief you have dreamed about for so long. This strain has also an extraordinary smell and flavor, plus it’s incredibly high. It’s a blend of tropical Sativa and a note of monstrous Indica. The buds are smothered with clear, crystal-like trichomes, which cover a whole plant with a sparkling coat. You can grow Jack Herer both indoors and outdoors. It needs around 9 to 11 weeks for flowering and the harvest is usually given after 10 months. This special hybrid came from idea of mixing Skunk #1, Haze and Northern Lights #5. The effects are hardly to believe in, see for yourself!


Jack Herer cannabis seeds

There are four main phenotypes of Jack Herer strain. Most of them, three to be exact, are Sativa-dominant and only the last one is more Indica. Sativa phenotypes cultivated by good breeders can give really high yields. The Indica strain is more compact, flowers much faster and it has dense, characteristic buds. Believe it or not, most of the cultivators who raised big-sized buds are not interested in selling them. For this reason, Jack Herer marijuana is not so easy to get – breeders just share it with their friends.

Do you want to treat yourself right? You’re lucky you have found us, cause now you’re in the best place to start! Just look at our list of Jack Herer strains, choose the ones that you liked the most and start your own adventure with Jack Herer’s family! We have already selected pure varieties and hybrids produced by the best seedbanks. On our site you’ll find whatever you need and you will be fully satisfied after receiving your purchase. If you still hesitate what to try first, we have prepared some recommendations. You should consider buying Jack Herer Autoflowering, Royal Jack Automatic or Jack47 Auto. Are you looking for feminized seeds? Jack Flash 5 Feminized is waiting for you. Are you a fan of atypical mixes? Give Critical Jack Herer a chance! Whatever you decide, at the end of the road you will be always amazed by the power of these incredible strains.


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